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My Brother's Keeper by D. Kendrick & RD Solange

M/M readers, if you are looking for something different and a little on the dark side of the norm, this is the book for you. My Brother's Keeper.

The characters were very well written (IMO) and I fell in love with them very easily, along with their world. Malik and Ciaran's angst tore at my heart as I silently cheered them on as they fought back to rekindle the broken relationship. It's high on my list of good books.

My Brother's Keeper
by Denise Kendrick & RD Solange

Publisher: Dark Eden Press
Cover Artist: Skylar Sinclair
Length: 75, 867

Genre: Yaoi erotica, twincest

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WARNING: This title contains the following: twincest, explicit sex between men, slavery and violence.

ώ Blurb ώ
For fifteen years, Ciaran's been alone. Without his brother, his twin, the luxuries of his adopted home are stale and meaningless.

When the lies concerning his brother's death are shattered by a chance picture in the paper, Ciaran gives up his new life in a flash, venturing out of his safe cocoon in the hopes of picking up where he and Malik left off 15 years earlier. But he soon finds the idyllic land where they once spent whole days happily rolling in the grass is no longer.

For Malik, the years have been cruel, and a cold reception awaits Ciaran in his brother's new, sexually charged world. Thrown into irons, Ciaran is thrust into the role of playing pleasure slave to a brother who refuses to speak of the past. He must be patient, playing along and keeping the true nature of their relationship secret, in order to reach beyond the Malik's cold exterior and heal the tortured secrets he hides. Only then can they rekindle the special bond they shared as children.

ώ Excerpt ώ

No sounds reached him through the thick of the wood, but he could see the faint flicker of firelight playing beneath the crack at the floor. He knocked softly. No answer. But surely it was his place to open the door without permission. He did so every morning before Malik woke and every afternoon before Malik returned home.

Still, whatever Malik was doing was private. Ciaran rubbed his hands together. He'd be damned if he were going to stoop to peeking through a keyhole. Before he could change his mind, he turned the knob and opened the door.

The fire in the fireplace had died down, but still crackled softly. A haze of smoke filled the room, but from its sickly sweet smell, Ciaran quickly realized the smoke was not from the fire. He could tell without even looking that Malik was not in bed; that half of the room was dark and still.
His bare feet made no sound as they tread over the wood floors to the rich carpet, circling to see his brother's elbow and foot poking out to the side of the deep armchair by the fire.

A few steps closer and the feet of a slim, oiled body kneeling between Malik's legs came into view. Ciaran crept closer until he had a clear view, and froze at the sight of the head bobbing at Malik's groin, the quiet slurping noises reaching his ears.

The lazy way Malik's hand cupped the side of the Aedam's head suggested this was not a new hobby for his brother. And Aedam, naked but for some glitter and a bit of decorative string tied round his hips, seemed utterly at home.

The image was erotic in every way that seemed wrong to Ciaran; but before he could sneak away, Malik's eyes opened. They blinked and settled on him almost as if Malik wasn't sure he was real.

Ciaran cleared his throat softly. "I wanted to see if you needed anything else this evening, my lord." He tried to keep his focus studiously above Malik's lap, but picked up the stiffening in Aedam's body nonetheless. The slave's toes curled in surprise at his voice.

"We weren't expecting you," Malik said in a lazy drawl, reaching for his pipe.

Ciaran watched his other hand tighten in Aedam's red hair, and he realized with a start that no one else would have dared open that door. His brother was not himself tonight.

"He's very pretty, don't you think?"

A dull panic spread up from the base of Ciaran's spine. "I..." He took a step back.

"No, stay. I want you to see this." Malik waved him forward. "Answer me. Do you think this boy is pretty?"

"Pretty?" Ciaran had to clear his throat to get the word out, his body caught between his instinct to flee and the morbid curiosity that kept him in place.

Malik pulled another lung full of smoke into his chest, letting his head fall back as he held it and then let it go in one long stream. "Yes, Ciaran. Pretty. Do you think he's pretty? Do you like him?" He twisted Aedam's head, forcing his face towards Ciaran. "Look at him. Tell me you find him pretty."

The contempt on Aedam's features was clearly meant for Ciaran despite the rough grip Malik had on his hair. Ciaran thought about Dashi and wondered if Aedam came to Malik's side as enthusiastically as Dashi would have.

"He's very pretty, my lord," Ciaran said carefully, unsure what kind of effect the drug would have on his brother's temper.

"Could you love a boy like this, Ci? Now that you know what he is, what he does?" Malik tilted Aedam's face towards his own, gazing at him as he spoke. "Could you care for him? Could you ever respect someone like him?"

Ciaran's head started to throb, beyond what could be blamed on the sickeningly sweet smell of the smoke. Malik flinched when he looked up and Ciaran knew he felt it too.

"Come here," Malik ordered, rage flirting at the edges of his voice.

Ciaran took a hesitant step forward.

"No, here, behind him." He pointed to the floor a few feet away. "Kneel down behind him."

"Behind..." Ciaran blanched, stopping mid-step. The smoke made his head swim. "No, Mal."

"No?" Confusion clouded Malik's face. Aedam's clever fingers strayed up to brush over a nipple and he moaned softly around Malik's prick. The grip on the slave's hair eased into a petting stroke.

Ciaran risked a step back. "I'll leave you to your pleasure, my lord."

Malik rubbed the tip of the smoking pipe against his bottom lip. "If I were you, slave. I would do as you're told."

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Luck of the Draw by Julie Lence

Luck of the Draw
by Julie Lence

Publisher: Asylett Press

Genre: Historical Romance, Western Romance

Copyright 2007

240 pages

Download $3.99
CD $4.99

Royce Weston has little use for the opposite sex until Paige Morgan deals him a hand he can't refuse.


"I'm ready to finish this water fight you started."

"Me?" he exaggerated, turning to face her. "You're the one…" If the sight of her bare calf had caused his pulse to pound, the sight of her now was sure to kill him.

She stood across from him, knee-deep in the water with a determined smile playing on her lips to match the gleam in her eyes. Her arms were bare to the neck except for the narrow straps of her soaked chemise, which clung to her body and did little to conceal her breasts from his heated gaze.

She leaned forward to play her fingers on the water, and Royce bit his tongue as he watched a droplet of water trail down her skin to the valley between her breasts. With the sun glistening off her wet skin, his body hardened, throbbed, and ached with a need even Sandra hadn't provoked in him.

"Paige." Her name was a ragged moan. "Come here."

"Not on your life, big guy," she teased. "You have your space and I have mine. This is the boundary." She drew an imaginary line between them with her finger. "Whoever crosses it first loses."

"The hell with the line." Royce dove beneath the water. He came up in front of her and lifter her out of the water.


With great characters and an intriguing plot, Luck of the Draw is a wonderful and fast-paced story that grabs the reader's attention and does not let go…. Jennifer, Reviewer for LWR Book Reviews, July 2007

Luck of the Draw is action packed testosterone everywhere! There are cowboys and bad guys galore. Larger than life characters leap off the page. There is never a dull moment in this book, as well as some twists and turns and entertaining spots of humor. Ms. Lence has written a story that grabs your attention from the first paragraph to the last word… Matilda, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance, September 2007


I grew up in an average-size city in upstate New York. All through school I enjoyed writing as long as I could choose the topic. I even tried to write a novel length story in middle school. The plot centered around two friends, but since I was young I didn't stick with it all that long.

I met my husband during the latter part of 12th grade and married him two years later. He has already enlisted in the Air Force, and I enjoyed accompanying him on his twenty years of service. By marrying young and entering the work force full-time, the writing bug didn't bite me again until the early 90's when my heart was captured by a novel written by my favorite author, Judith McNaught. I have been writing ever since, sometimes into the wee hours of night. Many of the things I garnered over the years I learned from the wonderful people in my writing groups, Pikes Peak Romance Writers. I also have my husband to thank for his support and the fact he's the closest thing to a walking dictionary.

Luck of the Draw is my 3rd novel written and my fist to be published. I'm very excited my publisher saw something in my writing she liked because Luck of the Draw has been my baby for years. I think I've nurtured this story more than a mother hen does her chicks.

Currently, I'm writing my next novel. I'm actively involved in the PTO at my son's school and PPRW. I enjoy taking care of my family, reading, horseback riding when I have time, and anything to do with the America West. I like meeting other fans of romance, so if you've got time say hello at Until then, may luck always be with you.


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Devarian Renegades by Sierra Dafoe

Sierra Dafoe is one of my favorite e-book authors. Her stories snag me in an instant and keep me enthralled throughout the entire book...and then makes me anxiously await for the next one. Sierra has style, her sex scenes burning hot *fanning self*, and a very nice and sincere person. So today I'm posting Sierra's latest release, another installment to the Devarian series. I hope to have time to read it soon, but I already know that I'll love it ;)

Devarian Renegades
by Sierra Dafoe

Publisher: Changeling Press
Cover art: Bryan Keller
ISBN: 978-1-59596-635-3

Series: Devarian

Genre: Ménage, Bisexual and More, Men and Women in Uniform

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Captain Merrin Trafalgar’s life is going to pieces. Recalled from space on the verge of discovering a new planet, she’s immured instead on a backwater planet, guarding gelded work-slaves in the wheat fields of Harth. The one thing she has to look forward to is being reunited with her two pleasure-slaves. But in her absence they’ve fallen in love -- with each other! Even worse, Merrin finds herself drawn to the handsome, enigmatic Rolen -- but how can a gelded work-slave rouse such longing in her?

When Rolen reveals his secret, Merrin knows there’s only one answer for her and her forbidden lover -- go renegade!

4 Hearts! "The sexual encounters between Marian and Rolen were incredibly graphic and arousing and I often found myself squirming in my chair... Devarian Renegades was a great deal of fun. I hope that Ms. Dafoe will continue writing more stories in this series." -- Marcy, The Romance Studio

Rolen walked silently beside her, his hand occasionally touching the small of her back as he guided her along the darker stretches. The night must have grown cooler, because she was intensely aware of his touch even through the thin fabric of her uniform, of the warmth of his fingers and the breadth of his hard, work-callused palm. It felt so different compared to when Stevan touched her, or Amur…

“You won’t… you won’t tell anyone about this, Rolen, will you?” Glancing sidelong at his stern profile, Merrin saw him grimace.

“Of course not. Everyone has secrets, my lady.”

And what secrets would a work-slave have? Merrin wondered. But she couldn’t bring herself to ask. It would be violating, somehow, what he’d given her.

They walked in silence for a bit. Then Rolen asked, “May I ask you something in return?” Merrin hesitated, then nodded. “What is your name?”

She let out a small, surprised laugh. “Merrin. Captain Merrin Trafalgar.”

“Merrin.” He said the word as if memorizing it, storing it away somewhere behind those black eyes. “Thank you, my lady.” A moment later, he murmured, “They must trust you immensely. I can almost see why.”

“They?” Then she realized he was speaking of Stevan and Amur. “What does trust have to do with it? They’re pleasure-slaves.”

The glance Rolen gave her was almost pitying. “How much simpler would it have been to lie to you? To hide what they felt for each other? Simpler… and safer. They must have been terrified you’d separate them, sell off one to punish the other.”

Merrin opened her mouth to protest -- but the memory of Amur clinging to her with an almost desperate fierceness as Stevan told her, Believe me, there is no one to whom I’d rather belong, cut short her words.

Rolen was right. That was exactly what they’d been afraid of. “What do you think I should do, then?”

In response, Rolen grabbed her arm and dragged her to him, his mouth covering hers with an urgency that left her breathless. His kiss was wholly inexpert -- rough and abrupt -- yet the hunger in it, as he crushed his lips down upon hers, set her head reeling. His spicy, musky scent filled her nostrils, banishing rational thought so thoroughly that when his tongue prodded lightly against her closed lips, she moaned and parted them.

Hesitantly at first, then with more assurance, his tongue plunged into the wetness of her mouth -- tasting her, exploring her, devouring her. His huge, work-hardened arms clamped around her, pressing her to his chest. She could feel the thunder of his heartbeat beneath the sturdy ribs, the firm swell of his pecs…

Merrin trembled, feeling desire rake her from her scalp to the very tips of her toes. She couldn’t move. She couldn’t breathe. Her cunt was on fire, desperate for a connection they could never have.

Just as suddenly as he’d seized her, Rolen turned her loose, and Merrin staggered, crying out in shock. For one second he stared down at her, his massive chest heaving, his eyes, black and wild, burning down into hers. The thin moonlight filtering through the leaves above etched his face, revealing a shocked vulnerability that pierced Merrin to the quick.

Then he stepped back into the darkness, becoming nothing more than a shadow against the shadows of the trees. “Forgive them, my lady. Nobody chooses who they will love.”

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Cat's Claw by Jude Mason

You cannot meet a more sexy, sassy, or imaginative than Ms. Jude Mason! She has come up with some of the most amazing concepts, not to mention just down right H-O-T! Not only is CC a re-issue, but with each version there is so much improvement its a pleasure to watch her grow.

I can't wait to see what this brilliant mind churns out next!


Cat's Claw by Jude Mason
Publisher: Phaze
Cover by Alessia Brio
ISBN 978-1-59426-770-3

Also available on Fictionwise

The death of a long time friend, leads Morgan Fields on an extraordinary quest into the backwoods where she finds love and so much more. Joshua Lansing, the son of her deceased friend helps her explore the heritage she never knew was hers.


Off balance, Morgan hesitated. Feeling a little foolish, after all this was where she'd been going, she strode through the door. The home she stepped into was like nothing she'd ever seen before. It was divided into two rooms; the room she stood in was the main one, a combination living room, kitchen and bedroom, straight ahead and to her right, she saw a partially opened door that led into a bathroom. Dark, richly oiled wood was everywhere; the floor, walls and ceiling. Even the countertops in the kitchen were a polished lighter wood, as was the headboard of the bed, which was placed at the left wall in a kind of alcove created by the bathroom wall. A large stone fireplace dominated the room. That's where the light came from that she'd seen and fled towards. Earth tones of browns, greens and oranges made up the colors of almost everything: bedding, the cover on the single couch and chair that faced the fireplace, as well as the heavy drapes that were drawn back from the windows.

"I asked who you were, lady." Joshua interrupted her silent appraisal of his domain. She looked back at him with a pang of regret. She hated being the bearer of bad news, even when she had no choice.

"I'm sorry," she stammered and turned to face him. "This is amazing, your place I mean." She did a slow spin, getting one last good look at the place and him, before breaking the news. "My name's Morgan Field. I knew your father—"

"Knew?" he interrupted, frowning. "You said you knew him. Has something happened to my father?"

"I'm sorry." She hated the quiver in her voice. At that moment, she'd have given anything to be somewhere else, have someone else break the news to this gorgeous man. Taking a deep breath, she went on before she lost her courage. "Your father passed away a week ago yesterday. I'm the executor of his will, he—"

"Passed away?" He looked as if she'd punched him in the stomach. His face paled, a haunted look shadowed his eyes. "You mean he's dead? My father's dead?"

"Yes," she said as softly and as gently as she knew how. His sorrow was like a blanket wrapping around not only him, but also her and the room. She dropped her bag and took a step towards him. "I'm so sorry."

Before she could say anything else, Joshua staggered and looked as if he was going to collapse. She lunged forward, slipping an arm around his waist. Taking his other arm, she wrapped it around her shoulders and guided him to the large, comfortable-looking couch.

The warm flesh of his hip under her palm stirred a longing she'd been trying to ignore ever since she'd seen him. The towel did almost nothing to hide his firm body. It had been much too long since she'd had a man. Circumstances made that difficult for her at the best of times. A flash of memory, a re-occurring dream, or nightmare of passion, of tearing flesh, the taste of blood in her mouth and a craving that left her weak and trembling, all mixed together made her shudder. Determinedly pushing her desire for him aside, she focused on getting him to sit down before he fell down. It was not the time to let her own problems surface. Glancing through the nearby window she saw the soft moonlight, and felt the pang of a longing she'd kept hidden all her life.

She heard a soft groan when she eased him down, and felt the muscles in his chest writhe when she pressed her palm against him. A familiar response to tension she thought; inside she had a niggling glimmer of something else.

"I haven't seen him for almost two years," Joshua said abruptly. As if that first confession broke the lock, the rest came tumbling out. "We disagreed about some things. Family mostly, they seemed important at the time. Funny," he looked into her eyes, and she saw the heart-wrenching pain of his loss, "it doesn't seem important now. I'd give anything to see him one last time. Tell him I loved him. Tell him that both of us were right."

Joshua lurched to his feet and pushed past her, nearly knocking her over. Startled, she reached out and grabbed. The towel came away without so much as a tug.

For more Great books by Jude check out her site.

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Postcards from the Dead by Ericka Scott

Postcards from the Dead
by Ericka Scott

Publisher: Cobblestone Press
ISBN: 978-1-60088-175-6

Cassandra Moore is the personal property supervisor at the coroner’s office in charge of giving the decedents’ possessions back to the grieving families. She’s often also able to give them other information. For she receives postcards sent by dead residents of the morgue.

Drew Brinkman is a journalist for The Chronicle. Given the assignment of reporting the historical facts of the ghosts of San Josue for the Halloween edition, Drew decides to give the old story a new twist. He’s going to lay those ghosts to rest once and for all, starting with the ones sending postcards from the morgue.


“I got a postcard from Rick.” Cassandra Moore started to hand the card across the table to her sister, Rosalie Hopkins. When a sudden breeze whipped a napkin off the small table they occupied outside her favorite lunch café, she tightened her hold on the card.

“Maybe we should sit inside for a change.” Rosalie pulled a hair band off her wrist and, with practiced ease, twisted it into her long red hair.

For once, Cassie was glad of her short mop of hair. No matter how hard the wind blew, it always looked the same. Curly. And no, she didn’t want to go inside. She liked sitting outside watching people stream by so busy and full of life.

Rosalie snatched the card out of Cassie’s fingers and read it with distaste. “This is a joke, right?”

“I don’t think so. It’s like all the others.” Cassie squirmed and couldn’t quite meet Rosalie’s gaze. Of course this postcard was just like the others. Why wouldn’t it be? But, was it really? The other postcards were all from decedents residing at the Coroner’s office where she worked as the personal property supervisor, whereas her husband, Rick, had been dead two years this coming Halloween.

“There’s only an address on it. Does it look like Rick’s handwriting?” Rosalie handed the card back across the table.

Cassie hedged. “I haven’t compared it yet.” Of course she had, she’d run straight to her nightstand, and pulled out several of Rick’s love letters from when they were dating. The script had been close but it lacked something. The writing didn’t seem as aggressive or forceful as Rick’s had been. But then, he was dead now, wasn’t he? That must have had some affect on his handwriting.

“Did you go to the address?” Rosalie persisted.

“Not yet. I was hoping you would come with me.” Cassie took one last look at the postcard. Granted, the basket of kittens on the front of the postcard was not Rick’s style. While tucking it away in her purse, she noticed Rosalie shaking her head.

Rosalie wrinkled her nose, and shrugged. “I promised Kyle I wouldn’t get involved with any of this. I’m sorry.”

“What? You told Kyle?” Cassie felt cold all over. Her sister had promised never to tell anyone. What if other people found out? “How could you?”

“Well, since we’re getting married in July, I couldn’t keep it a secret from him. Besides, he thought it was kind of cool.”

Cool? She wasn’t sure she’d use that description. Downright creepy was the feeling she’d gotten two years ago when it started. Oh, sure, there were television shows galore portraying mediums who talked to the dead. But did any of them get postcards? No, not a one.

Cassie leaned across the table. “You told him not to tell anyone else, didn’t you?”

“Oh, of course he knows it’s a secret,” Rosalie said. But from the expression on her sister’s face, Cassie wasn’t so sure.

Karen Haas at Just Erotic Romance Reviews:

Postcards from the Dead is a fun paranormal read, perfect for Halloween... Don't miss this delightfully spooky read!

Making Mischief with Ericka Scott

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Sex in the Sanctuary by Lutishia Lovely

Sex in the Sanctuary
by Lutishia Lovely

ISBN-10: 075821751X
ISBN-13: 978-0758217516
$10.20 - $15

Buy book at:
Barnes & Noble
Black Expressions

From exciting new author Lutishia Lovely comes a steamy debut in the manner of Victoria Christopher Murray and Kimberla Lawson Roby. Set in a church community on fire for the Lord--and for each other--Sex in the Sanctuary is filled with scintillating sisters, playing brothers, and church matrons trying to run everybody's business...

As first lady of Kingdom Citizen's Christian Center, Vivian Montgomery has it all: a beautiful home, lovely children, and a pastor husband who makes her shout Hallelujah--and not just in church. There's no doubt Pastor Montgomery has a healthy appreciation for the Lord and for the pleasures of the flesh, namely his wife's flesh. If only Vivian's best friend, Tai, was so blessed...

A first lady herself, Tai's husband, King, is pastor of Mount Zion Progressive Baptist Church. But with two affairs under his belt, Tai wonders just what "progressive" means. In fact, she strongly suspects her husband is at it again. Now she can follow her mother-in-law's example and threaten to shoot any would-be-husband-stealing floozies, or she can take Vivian's advice and listen for God's instruction. But Tai's husband isn't the only one fighting temptation.

Whether trying to wait until marriage or just waiting until the next mating opportunity, these congregations are filled with members whose eyes are on more than Jesus! The result is a page-turning read, not soon to be forgotten.


“We’ve had some good times, huh,” he whispered against her ear. King began a slow, languorous journey from Tai’s ears which he’d traced with his tongue, across her neck, slowly down the valley of her breasts where he rested his head. She hugged him to her, each kiss seeming to relax her a little bit more. He continued, paying homage to first one dark nipple and, after giving it his thorough and undivided attention, moving to the other, pulling, teasing, sucking. He kissed a path to Tai’s lips again and kissed her deeply. He worshipped her body with his mouth, adoring her beauty, celebrating her ability to love him still, esteeming her power to forgive. He took his time with her, rubbing and massaging and cuddling and consoling. He kissed her from the freckles on her nose to the soles of her feet. Marvin Gaye had the right idea. King wanted to get it on.

Tai moaned in frustration as King rolled over to remove his pants.. She shrugged out of the blouse King had unbuttoned on his quest to relive the pleasure of Tai. As he rolled back over, she placed her arms around his neck, looking deeply into the eyes and the soul of the man she’d loved since she was fifteen years old. He rocked her softly, his dick hard between her legs. Thick and throbbing, he lifted himself as Tai opened to receive him. He pleasured the love of his life with deep, steady strokes.

“I love you, King,” Tai whispered fervently as King led the way on their dance of love. Slowly, deeply, he possessed her as if he never wanted to let her go.

Lutishia Lovely has provided a spell-binding tale with some hilarious and righteous characters. While this story is heartfelt and at times dire, nothing compares to its laugh-out-loud moments...Dawn R., Rawsistahs Book Club Review

This is a fantastic read that deals with celibacy, obsession, sisterhood and forgiveness.Editor, Books 2 Read Magazine

Find out more about Lutishia Lovely at her Website

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enWrappture by Marty Rayne

Christmas is getting closer and closer. What better way to get into the spirit than reading some great holiday themed books.

enWrappture is a sexy follow-up to my Valentine themed Heatsheet, At The Edge. This book was also edited by my co-conspirator here on Worlds of Mayhem, Steph.*g*

by Marty Rayne

Publisher: Phaze
Phaze Frost Heatsheet
ISBN: 978-1-59426-794-9

Also available on Fictionwise

We first meet young, charming, and sexy Christopher O'Malley on Valentine's Night in New York City helping his friends Michael and Todd complete their most hidden fantasies. This night helped Christopher create his own flights of imagination where love and bondage were once just a passing fancy , along with an erotic BDSM book series written by Master Stafon.

Spending the Christmas holiday on the east coast, Christopher finds himself without family or friends. That is until he meets little Emily, her mother Devyn and her uncle Mason…a writer whose pen name is Master Stafon.

Christopher is instantly attracted to Mason, even before he discovers the man's profession. As Christmas draws near, the holiday looks more appealing as Mason gives Christopher the opportunity of a lifetime. To experience some bondage play first hand. Could this be the gift that keeps on giving?

Elements: M/M, BDSM


“Tell me, Christopher.” Mason faced him, hip leaning against the counter. “Who is it that intrigues you the most? Me, Mason Romero or Master Stafon?”

Christopher stared into his deep chocolate eyes, falling further into their grasp. His lust spiked higher, his blood heating. He had the greatest urge to fall to his knees and worship Mason’s body. To have those striking long fingers touch him, run through his hair, scratch at his scalp. He shivered with exhilaration.

“Would you be offended if I said both?” His voice was deep with arousal.

Mason moved closer, the corner of his lip twitching, amused. “No, actually it pleases me.”

“It…it does?” Christopher was surprised. Was Mason actually interested in him?

Mason leaned closer, there was only an inch between their mouths. The scent of brewing coffee mingled with Mason’s spicy cologne. Christopher’s nose had never smelt a better scent. It made his body tingle and his cock twitch.

“Yes, Christopher.” Mason closed the distance and brushed his lips ever so softly over Christopher’s. “However, Master Stafon is just a character. I admit, he’s a part of me, but not all of who I am.”

“I understand that.” Christopher swallowed hard.

“And I’d be pleased to show you my dungeon. But only if you are willing to play. What do you say? Do you think you could handle me?”

Christopher was speechless, his throat working, trying to find his voice. His nerve endings were jumping with excitement, his imagination running wild. He gave up and just nodded his response.

Mason chuckled and moved away. His lips curved into a smile of unspoken promises of pleasure. “Let’s see if you can, Christopher.”

For more information on Marty Rayne's books visit her website at

Also, see never posted excerpts in her November newsletter out tonight.

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Playing with Fire by Gena Showalter

I have several of Gena Showalter's books on my shelf waiting to read. I've read wonderful reviews of her works, but still other books came along to drag away my attention. However, I finally settled down the other week and decided to read this one. Let me tell you, by the third chapter I was hooked. Ms. Showalter's characters, Belle and Rome had me under their spell and I just HAD to find out how it ended. Needless to say, I had a hard time putting this one down. I hope the same applies to other readers.

Playing with Fire

Publisher: HQN Books (September 1, 2006)
ISBN-10: 0373771290
ISBN-13: 978-0373771295
Print book

Earth, Wind & Fire aren't just a band anymore . . .

Used to be my greatest achievement was holding a job more than three days. Now suddenly I can shoot fireballs, chill your drink, or blow-dry your hair at fifty paces with a blink of my eye!

It all started when this crazy scientist dropped something in my Grande Mocha Latte. Of course I got wicked sick. Next morning I'm waking up with this total hottie bending over me. He tells me 1)his name's Rome Masters, 2)he's a government agent and 3)I can control the four elements with a thought.

He seems even less pleased by my (apparently irreversible) transformation than I am . . . Because now he'll have to kill me.

For more information on Gena's books, check out her website.

Happy reading!

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Taming Marie Antoinette by Tilly Greene

Being a fan of Ms. Tilly, I was ecstatic to find out one of her books was up for editing and I could be apart of her writing process! You cannot find a more giving and open writer to work with, or an even better friend.
I can't wait to find out what the future hold for her!


Taming Marie Antoinette By Tilly Greene
Author URL
eBook ISBN-13: 978-1-59426-784-0
Genre/Series Contemporary Erotic Romance/BDSM - A Passion for Fashion and Bondage
Release Date October 2007
Publisher Phaze
Publisher URL
Also Available from All Romance Ebooks, or Fictionwise

Liana Trudeau has moved to Paris in pursuit of her doctorate. While her mind has been working hard, her body has been ignored. Knowing what she wants, Liana attends the Depravity Dance and connects with two men who can perfectly read her needs, both physically and mentally. Unfortunately it's for only one night, or is it?
Thornton and James Michaud have spent the past couple of months focused on a project in conjunction with the French government. With all the signatures necessary to move forward, they're out to celebrate and indulge their desire for a woman. By the end of the evening they find she has only one fault, leaving before they were finished. Can they find her to complete what they'd started in a city as large as Paris?
October in Paris is romance and the Depravity Dance, what could possibly be next?

*Taming Marie Antoinette EXCERPT - Spicy*

Within a few steps of their goal, she turned around but didn't walk away. This view had them both reaching down and grab hold of theirhardened cocks to read just them for comfort as they continued makingtheir way to her side. Starting at her waist a swath of gold satin,gathered like a bustle and elegantly trailed down and across thefloor behind her. The brothers didn't rush but neither did they stopto talk with anyone, there was nothing to deter them from their objective.

They stepped up beside her, one on each side, and simultaneously used a hand to cup an ass cheek. The twins manipulated the globes, savoring the soft flesh as well as its resiliency.

"My, my, what a lovely ass you have here my Queen. Silky and malleable, perfect."

Without jumping or moving away, she stood between the two men and let them fondle the body part in question. Before answering theircompliment, she looked both right and left. Sharp and intense brightblue eyes focused on each of them, assuredly taking their measure. James felt his cock jump in his pants.

"Thank you, it's mine, and I'm quite attached to it." He was surprised. In their haste, they'd made a mistake and spoke inEnglish, but it seemed that was okay because she sounded American.

"Hmmm, do you ever share it with others?" While neither had released their hold on her delectable ass, Thorn continued to make their playfor claiming her for the evening.

For a long moment she was quiet, checking them both out again. They didn't make even the smallest of moves, letting her make up her own mind to their request.

"Yes, with the right person…or persons."

James released the breath he'd been holding and thanked every deity for opening this door to heaven. Something about this woman was calling out to him, and without so much as putting his dick insideher. When she looked at him, speaking through lovely plump pink folds and beautiful ice blue eyes staring intelligently back at him,he felt his dick eagerly throb for entrance. As she turned to lookat Thorn, he looked at his brother and saw he felt the connection too, although there'd been little doubt he would. If one felt something, then the other did as well.

"Are we acceptable, because we'd like to share you between us this evening." James blinked at his brother. What was he doing, ignoring the wooing and gentling stage and instead jumping right into the fucking.

"Gentlemen, may I suggest we take this upstairs?"

Shit, he blinked again. It seems Marie Antoinette was on the same page as them after all, eager to enter the games. They walked as a group toward the stairs and made their way toward the upper floor's attendant. Accompanying them was the swishing from her train, ifpossible the sensual sound raised each of their libidos even further.

Copyright © 2007 Tilly Greene

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Tilly Greene
WARNING! Red hot romances ahead!

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"I swear that several times my ebook reader ignited as I read this powerfully dominating story! Tilly Greene delivers another lava flow of volcanic sensuality as outstanding as her earlier The Leather Bride. Do not read this without an ice-cold shower, AND a willing partner, standing ready."
Reviewed by Frost, 5 swords,
Reviewed by Frost
"Taming Marie Antoinette is pure fire. The characters are so provocative and arousing the reader won't want to put the book down. Tilly Greene has penned one super sexy tale."
Reviewed by Dawnie, 4 angels,
Fallen Angel Reviews

Friday, November 16, 2007

Bridged by Love By Patricia Lieb

Bridged by Love
By Patricia Lieb
Two backwoods women, Kathryn and a Native American Indian girl, Shanna, have a connection: love for an infant. Set in 1886 on the tri-states borders of Arkansas , Louisiana and Texas and the nearby Indian Territory , tension, complex characters, murder, kidnapping, and romance intertwine high suspense and plot with complex characters in the telling of this novel of two women bridged by the love of a child.
Four men play major rolls throughout the story. Alex, the villain after Kathryn’s homestead; John, the man Kathryn loves; Leonard, the good-man who only wants to do what is right; and Rowe, the young Mexican held in a Texas prison until he makes his escape and sets out to find Shanna and save her from a life of misery.
Shanna leaves the infant at with Kathryn and starts her run from outlaw-friends of her kidnapper. Under the watchful eye of her blackmailer, Alex, Shanna’s journey takes her by boxcar to Dallas then by stage, across the Red River, and into the Indian Territory where she locates her long-lost brother. Alex, still keeping Shanna under is watch, steals furs from the Indians and takes them to a furrier in Dallas.
Find out what happens in this compelling story of two women who fight to save the life of an innocent child.
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Available in e-book pdf format.
Also availabe on CD.
$5.50 - 974KB - 336 pages

Hard copy available from
Publisher: BookSurge
Publishing ISBN:
Binding: Trade Paper/Library
328 pages

Reviewed by Bonnie Flouhouse
St, Anne, IL

Patricia Shipp Lieb's "Bridged by Love" is a historical novel set in Texarkana in the late 1880s. It's the story of two women--Shanna (a young Indian woman trying to evade ruthless white men) and Kathryn (a strong white woman willing to take on any opponent).

Several people, but most importantly an infant, tie the women's lives.

The fast plot ensnares the reader in the story of these women.

To build suspense, the author presents segments of one character's story, stops at a crucial moment, and then moves to the other character's struggles.

Because the only way to connect Shanna and Kathryn is to show how several men are involved in their lives, several episodes involved only these men. Liberal doses of danger, treachery, intrigue, and romance fill the book.

Eventually Lieb untangles everyone and brings closure to the storylines. Numerous predictable stock characters add to the local color of the book: the slick swindler, the traveling prostitute, the ignorant guy who'll do anything for a few coins, the prejudiced business owner, the liberal man who thinks Indians are mistreated, the fiercely strong pioneer woman, the decent man who patiently waits for his chance at love, and displaced Indians. Add a ruthless tavern owner and a young man willing to face all foes for the woman he loves, and the character list is complete.

In an attempt to capture the aura and lifestyles of a past time, Lieb has crowded lost of characters and details into her book. But over all, "Bridged by Love" is a fast read good for a summer afternoon's enjoyment.

Patricia Shipp Lieb's "Bridged by Love" is a historical novel set in Texarkana in the late 1880s. It's the story
of two women--Shanna (a young Indian woman trying to evade ruthless white men) and Kathryn (a strong
white woman willing to take on any opponent).

Several people, but most importantly an infant, tie the women's lives.

The fast plot ensnares the reader in the story of these women.

To build suspense, the author presents segments of one character's story, stops at a crucial moment, and then moves to the other character's struggles.

Because the only way to connect Shanna and Kathryn is to show how several men are involved in their lives, several episodes involved only these men. Liberal doses of danger, treachery, intrigue, and romance fill the book.

Eventually Lieb untangles everyone and brings closure to the storylines. Numerous predictable stock characters add to the local color of the book: the slick swindler, the traveling prostitute, the ignorant guy who'll do anything for a few coins, the prejudiced business owner, the liberal man who thinks Indians are mistreated, the fiercely strong pioneer woman, the decent man who patiently waits for his chance at love, and displaced Indians. Add a ruthless tavern owner and a young man willing to face all foes for the woman
he loves, and the character list is complete.

In an attempt to capture the aura and lifestyles of a past time, Lieb has crowded lost of characters and
details into her book. But over all, "Bridged by Love" is a fast read good for a summer afternoon's.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Faery Special Romances by Jacquie Rogers

Faery Special Romances

Publisher: Highland Press
ISBN 0-9746249-9-3
ISBN13: 978-09746.24990
Print Book

Genre: Romantic comedy

Once Upon A Time, the faery princess Keely tried to match . . . . . . a misguided faery maiden and a surly but handsome knight, the pirate Devlin Angell and the ever-hopeful Myra, a faery under the ruse of Lord Kembell and a lady of nobel birth, a blacksmith and a duchess, a flapper and a barnstormer pilot . . . But can Keely keep her own heart? With faery magic, anything can happen! This enchanted carpet-ride features ten romantic faery tales, ten happy couples, and a journey through history with Keely, who grows from a kindergartener to a beautiful young faery woman.

Brilliantly magical! Ms. Rogers' special brand of humor and imagination will have you believing in faeries from page one. Absolutely enchanting!
- Dawn Thompson, author of The Ravencliff Bride and The Waterlord

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Paige's Web by Shelia M. Goss

Paige's Web
by Shlia M. Goss

Publisher: Kensington Publishing
ISBN-13: 9781599830292
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A beautiful event planner who has vowed never to put her heart on the line again juggles three different men and finds her noncommittal life becoming more stressful than heartbreak.


Alvin and I were walking hand and hand and as we approached his mom, she hugged him and whispered in his ear. His facial expression didn't change, but the spark in his eyes left and was replaced with darkness. I wondered what she said, but I would have to wait.

She stood and said, "Dear, let's have a talk."

"Sure." It wasn't like she was giving me a choice.

"Follow me."

I shrugged my shoulders and my eyes pleaded with Alvin to rescue me. He was either oblivious to my plea or ignored it all together. It became quiet as I followed behind her. She was older and petite, but she was definitely not slow. I increased my pace to keep up with her.

We entered what looked like to be the study because it had a huge oak desk and built- in wall shelves filled with every book imaginable. As a person who liked to read, I was in book heaven.
"Let me see the ring," Mrs. Rivera snapped.

She caught me off guard with her rudeness. "Excuse me?"

"The ring. I want to see how much money my son spent on you."

I held out my hand. She admired it up close and said, "It's more serious than what I thought."
"Yes, we are serious," I stated with a forced smiled.

Without blinking an eye, Mrs. Rivera said, "Ms. Webb. You're not right for my son."

I placed one hand on my hip and the palm of my other hand faced her. "Hold up. I'm not going to stand here and let you insult me."

Shelia M Goss is the author of My Invisible Husband, Roses are thorns, Violets are true, Paige's Web and Double Platinum. Her website is

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Of Flesh and Blood

Of Flesh And Blood
by Darragha Foster
Tina Holland
Celine Chatillon

Publisher: Liquid Silver
ISBN: 978-1-59578-384-4
Cover Artist: April Martinez

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Polishing Saber – Darragha Foster
Polishing Saber is not your average vampire tale. These ain’t your mama’s Carpathians. In Iceland, the vampires are tall, blonde and environmentally-minded. Vampires in the land of fire and ice is nice!

Content: anilingus, consumption of sheep’s blood, the wearing of human skin

Dealing with the Dead – Tina Holland
In the futuristic locale of Sin Vegas, things go bump in the night. Vampires, Werewolves and Zombies – OH MY. Humans are rare and remain in hiding. Melissa and her clan have found a way to survive. Possession. Melissa is a Passage – allowing herself to be possessed by earthbound souls. Drake Vermillion is a vampire looking for a quick bite. Instead he finds Melissa, but when she turns ice-cold before the first taste, Drake is intrigued rather than fearful of the huntress. Melissa may normally hunt creatures of the night, but she makes an exception when Drake offers her the one thing she can’t refuse – Help for her clan. Trusting a vampire, killing zombies, and being possessed by ghosts are all part of Dealing with the Dead.

Content: Play, Anal Sex, Sexual Possession

Blood Betrayal – Celine Chatillon
Vlad Drakul is hopelessly in love with intelligent and gorgeous Sofia, but the blonde beauty isn't all she appears to be. She is the ensorcelled instrument of sadistic vampire hunter Leo Van Helsing, an exquisite lure to ensnare Vlad by seduction. Van Helsing is determined to learn the Vampire Kindred’s secrets of immortality, and when he attempts to capture Vlad, Sofia must be sacrificed. Only Vlad can "save her" by transforming her into a creature of the night like himself. But will the process of becoming undead drive Sofia mad? And how will Leo react when his plans are foiled by very pawn he planted in Vlad's arms?

Warning: Contains rough sex, forced sex, biting, anal sex, oral sex, voyeurism

What Mrs. Giggles has to say about this book:
"OF FLESH AND BLOOD is an anthology of three stories featuringvampires. This is an interesting read indeed.

(About "Blood Betrayal") Vlad and Leo Van Helsing findthemselves waging a war with each other with poor Sofia Martinellibeing caught in the middle as a pawn. Both men were really sadisticand twisted in their own right so this one is a deliciouslydisturbing story that appeals greatly to my enjoyment of ghoulish andmacabre elements.

OF FLESH AND BLOOD is an anthology that is far more enjoyably creepythan it is romantic. Still, it is a most interesting read that Isuspect will go down well with readers who like erotic horror. Allthree stories are certainly memorable in their own right. All inall, I believe I am pretty pleased with this one."

Monday, November 12, 2007

This Old House by Lavada Dee

This Old House
by Lavada Dee

Publisher: Asylett Press
ISBN 1-934337-07-2
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CD- $4.49

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Genre: Contemporary Romance

It’s too much. Katherine goes from single and sharing an apartment with two roommates to being a mother to her orphaned niece overnight. With no other family, it’s just she and Jodi. Short of money, and knowing the night job she holds will put additional trauma on her niece, Katherine seeks a live-in domestic position.

Ross Huntington has just finished with the last of a series of unsatisfactory babysitters. He’s raising his two boys by himself and while he has family support, he hates having to depend entirely on his parents to provide childcare.They need each other, and what they can offer each other seems ideal one in Ross’s hometown is going to believe Katherine’s just the nanny.

Solution: Marriage. Rules: In name only.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Stephanie's First Edited Book to go to Print!

Available in e-book ISBN 1-59426-542-9 $6.00
& print ISBN 978-1-59426-840-3 $9.00 (for limited time)

I'm so excited to have Canyon's Call as one of the first books I helped make a reality go to print! The realistic descriptions of Canada let you see it for the first time right along with heroine. And she is one strong, intelligent woman who's take no crap attitude even when misunderstandings get in the way won't let her be denied her goals. Dr. Carrie Reed may have taken this working-vacation to go look for a new species and indulge in a sexy summertime romp but she finds more than just one wild-not to mention gorgeous-beast in Jake Canyon. This hard-headed cowboy is ready to show her the mysteries Canada has to offer and give her a whole lifetime of lovin'!
Ms. Kate is great to work with and I always look forward to getting a new story from her.

The blurb:

Carrie Reed, a highly respected genetic veterinary specialist, has it all: a successful practice, fame in her chosen field, money and a body that most women would give their eye teeth for. But she's got no male prospects insight and a mother that loves to remind Carrie that her biological clock isn't only ticking--it's screaming. So when Jake Canyon phones he commands her attention. His voice is sexy, his tone is hot and he insists there is anew species of animal roaming around on his Alaskan ranch. Would she come and identify it for him? Of course she will! Carrie knows that even if there isn't a new species to be found, a voice like Jake's is definitely worth investigating!

*Canyon's Call excerpt*

Jake leaned down closer, lessening the gap between their faces
slightly. His arms were on either side of her body and she felt encircled
by the full, masculine form. It was a good feeling, one she hadn't
experienced in so long that she nearly didn't recall how wonderful it was
to be this close to a man.

When his lips touched hers a flash of white-hot heat shot up her
spine. With only a fraction of a second's hesitation, her lips responded to
the gentle touch of his and within moments they were pressed together in
the doorway. Their arms were around each other and their bodies already
lost to the desires neither of them knew were so close to the surface.

Carrie pulled Jake into her room and he kicked the door closed
behind them. While they were at dinner some thoughtful hotel employee
had lit a fire. It crackled warmly in the small brick fireplace as their
bodies moved toward it, like moths to a flame. When Carrie's back
settled onto the plush hearth rug and his body covered hers it felt as
natural as anything ever had.

"Carrie," moaned Jake, pulling his lips from hers. He looked down
at her, saw her flushed face and wide green eyes and moaned a second
time. "I want you, Carrie. You feel so damn good—so damn—oh!"
His eyebrows lifted in surprise at the touch of her hand on his ass,
pulling his hardness against her hip. Her firm grip left no doubt about
what she wanted to feel pressed to her body.

"Ah," he said, dropping his mouth to hers.

No talking, Jake. If we talk about it, I won't do it and God knows I
need it. I want it and I'll have it. Time to let my vibrator—and my
fingers—have a break. Time for the real thing. And baby, I can feel your
real thing—your real big thing—pressing against my hip.

Let's let the damn thing out before it strangles inside your pants.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Testing Passion by Marty Rayne

Testing Passion
by Marty Rayne

Publisher: Phaze
ISBN 978-1-59426-785-7

Janet O'Neal enjoys her part-time job with Pandora's Box. She sets her own schedule, it's never boring, and at times exhilarating. Yes, being a sex toy tester can be stimulating. But when her boyfriend dumps her, Janet hates the limitations that are forced upon her.

Damien Richards seeks out his best tester. He has a deadline approaching fast and there is no one he trusts more to make sure his products are ready for production. Of course, he has another motive when he knocks on Janet's door asking for help. Being the owner of Pandora's Box, he's frightened that he is losing his best tester, the woman who has intrigued him for months, fascinated by the passion of her reports.

Can Damien talk Janet into spending a weekend with him working, testing passion along with the toys? Will Janet welcome the stranger into her most secret fantasies?

Warning: Toys and mild bondage included in this story

Taking note of the time, Janet pushed the last ball inside her vagina. She shivered as the coolness of the two metal balls slid across her heated walls, then settled inside her. With great care she pulled her black lace underwear up her legs. She was as comfortable as she would get.

Pulling her long blonde hair back into a ponytail, Janet mentally went through her checklist. She had called her friends and informed them she would be out of town, so they wouldn't call or stop by to distract her. She'd set her answering machine for those who persisted on calling. Her kitchen was stocked with goodies for the weekend so she would not have to leave her apartment. Her CD player was stuffed with all her favorite
music. Lastly, she had a stack of books sitting on her kitchen table. They were all erotic romance by her favorite authors.

It was Saturday and she had two days to complete her work. Plenty of time to test all the products sent in this last shipment. As a sex toy tester, Janet was able to arrange her own work schedule, which made it easier to work around her sometimes grueling college schedule. It was a well paying job, even if it was just part time. The money she earned covered her living expenses. Only her closest of friends knew what she did. Janet wasn't ashamed of the job, but when she told others what she did, they assumed she was a nymphomaniac. Yes, she enjoyed sex. She was a normal twenty-three-year-old college student studying journalism with a healthy sexual nature. But she didn't think about sex twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

A knock on her door startled Janet. Looking at the clock on her bedside table she observed it was a little after noon. She wasn't expecting anyone; her package had arrived on Thursday, so who could be at her door?

Janet slipped into the robe that lay next to her, the red silk caressing her bare breasts. She would have tried to dress in more clothing, but the knock sounded again. Janet walked to the door, aware of every step as the Ben Wa balls she'd just slipped inside knocked against each other and sent shuddering vibrations through her body.

She took a deep breath when she reached the door. Her nipples were aroused to stiff peaks and the silk touching them only stimulated them more. Hoping it was someone she could ignore, Janet looked through the peephole.

The man standing at her door was a stranger. A handsome stranger, but still she didn't know him. Maybe he had the wrong door. He was probably looking for Christie, the gorgeous model who lived one floor above her. Her visitors often got the wrong floor and ended up knocking on Janet's door instead. She thought about just ignoring it, let him call Christie and realize he had the wrong apartment, but the knock came again, this time harder and louder. Janet looked through the peephole again, not sure what to do.

Opening the door slowly, she managed to hide most of her body behind the door.

"Can I help you?" she asked politely. Seeing the man without the distortion of the peephole made her heart skip a beat. This man was more than handsome; he was the most gorgeous man she'd laid eyes on. His hair was jet black and straight, falling carelessly around his face, mostly one length, hanging past his collar. The part down the middle made it possible to see his facial features. His cheeks were high. He probably had American Indian blood somewhere in his heritage. His nose was not large but held a sharp angle. On any other face it would seem awkward, but not his. His eyes were the color of milk chocolate and framed by thick black lashes.

"Are you Janet O'Neal?"

Janet was surprised to hear her name coming from his mouth. A mouth sensually shaped to perfection. "Oh, uh, yes, I am." she answered, weariness weighing her response. She rarely had men this attractive asking for her.

He smiled then, and Janet felt the breath leave her lungs. He had a dimple in his left cheek and when he smiled his handsome face appeared even younger.

"I'm Damien. Pandora's Box sent me."