Tuesday, February 12, 2008

At The Edge by Marty Rayne

Looking for a quick, hot, Valentine read? Try my Fetish Heatsheet from Phaze. :)

ISBN 978-1-59426-592-1
Publisher: Phaze
Genre: M/M, bondage, male menage
Length: Heatsheet


Valentine's Day. A day for lovers. A day for romance. A day for fantasies.

Michael loves Todd, but their relationship has been rocky. Taking a break from each other, Michael goes to New York with friends. But on Valentine's night Michael learns the pleasure of living out a long secreted fantasy he'd only dreamed about, along with helping Todd fulfill his own hidden fantasy.

Join this couple as they find new heights of pleasure at the edge of ecstasy.

Elements: M/M, BDSM, MMM menage


Todd shrugged. "It's Valentine's Day. Shouldn't lovers be together tonight of all nights?" His voice was casual, but Michael could hear the bit of charm that Todd could exude.

Christopher slowly nodded and took a step back. "But why is Michael tied up? Gagged?" His glance went to Michael.

"I'm helping Michael fulfill a fantasy. Just as he's going to help me fulfill one. Aren't you,Michael?"

Michael's stomach lurched at the smoldering look Todd gave him. His pulse raced so fast that he thought his heart would burst right there in his chest. Christopher. The third to Todd's threesome. Someone they both could trust.

Michael nodded and felt a shiver of excitement rush his spine.

"Being tied up? Gagged? Like a bad…" Christopher stopped and his eyes widened. "Oh. Um…" His cheeks became flushed as he realized what he'd stumbled into. He took another step back toward the door, but his eyes were jetting back and forth between Michael and Todd. "Well, then, I guess I'll go then."

"Wait," Todd said, his voice smooth. Michael watched as he stepped around the bed and approached Christopher. "Michael will need help with my fantasy. We were just talking about it and thought you would be perfect."

Christopher swallowed hard and his eyes went to Michael. "Talking about it, huh?" He licked his lips and Michael saw that his fingers twitched nervously at his sides.

"Of course." Todd assured him. "Weren't we, Michael?"

Michael knew what Todd was doing. Todd wasn't lying to Christopher. He just omitted the fact that he was the one doing all the talking. Michael nodded.

"Are you interested?"

Christopher eyed Todd with uncertainty. Michael understood his apprehension. He wanted to warn his friend but couldn't. What did Todd have in mind? Whatever it was Michael was sure that both he and Christopher would be surprised by it. Especially after having to go through such lengths to get Michael where he was.

"What do I have to do?"Weariness sounded in his question.

For more information about Marty Rayne, visit her website -- www.martyrayne.com

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