Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wicked Games by Jade Falconer

How about a historical with a new twist? This sexually charged story will guarantee to have you squirming in your seat, as well as wanting to yell at these two charmingly HAWT men to get a clue! Let yourself be trasported to Regency England to watch these two men learn love is worth taking any risk.

Available in e-book and soon in print.


Publisher: Phaze
ISBN 978-1-59426-773-4
Genre: M/M, Regnecy Historical

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Niels got more than he bargained for when he broke into a certain townhouse in the fashionable section of London. The arrogant and dictatorial lord who caught him red-handed was more than willing to take advantage of the situation. Temporarily forced into a unique form of servitude, Niels learns more than he ever expected to about the decadent ruling class that he wants so badly to emulate. Masquerading as a foreign nobleman is easy for the charming Fin who grew to manhood on the streets of London, abandoned by the only family he had. But will his experience at manipulating people and winning their confidence help him with Richard? Or get him into even more trouble?

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