Monday, July 7, 2008

No Strings Attached by Devyn Quinn

The print book anthology titled Trio was purchased as research for the Aphrodisia/Kensington line. Little did I know that two days later I would be scheduling Devyn Quinn to be my first guest blogger on my blog. Oh, and did I mention that she has a story in this particular book? Small world, huh?

Anyway, there's this warning on the back under the blurbs that says Warning! hsi is a REALLY HOT book. (Sexually Explicit) The publisher wasn't lying. As we traveled this weekend, I read Devyn's story, No Strings Attached. LOVED IT!!!

Okay, when I opened to the first page of the story, I almost groaned. The location was Reno, Nevada. What is it about the books I've been reading lately that take place in big gambling towns? lol

Seriously. I wasn't sure if I'd like Lara or not. The beginning finds her not in a good position and I was really wodering if she was going to allow that ass (pardon my language) take advantage of the situation her ex put her in (grumble about that piece of dirt). She got Kudo points for lashing out at DiMarco.

But that's not the good part. That comes later when she meets and agrees to spending a week with Nick and Jared. (Hmmm, I have two main characters by those names that I absolutely loved too.) See how they distract me? :-P

Those to men were delicious. And the things they did to Lara...*sigh* Could I trade places with her?

Needless to say, Ms. Quinn had me well entertained with this very stimulating, sexy story. Her words were expertly written, drawing the reader into the story as if we were actually watching the scene unfold live. Oh, and let's not forget the little twist at the end. But I won't spoil it for those who haven't read it yet *evil laugh*
I'm still reading the other two far so good. But I'm also in the middle of Ms. Quinn's other menage book from Ellora's Cave...Three To Dance. Loving it.

You know the saying - You had me at hello. Well, Ms. Quinn had me at "God, you're perfect in every way:. :-D

Anthology Title: Trio
No Strings Attached by Devyn Quinn
Publisher: Kensington Aphrodisia
Genre: Contemporary/Menage a trois

This book can be purchased from Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and Kensington Books

Dancer Lara Green stands to make a cool million if she agrees to be the main attraction at Nick Conway's scenic mountain getaway. All expenses paid, her job is simple: Fulfill his desires and that of his best friend in any way they desire. Easy money, hot sex, and two delicious guys? She says yes...

Also featuring Hot Pepper by PF Kozak and Bring It On by Jane Ledger.


Devyn Quinn said...

Thanks for your lovely review, Marty. I really appreciate it. I wasn't sure when I wrote the story that the old Cinderella approach was going to work, LOL. I am so glad you found the story worthy!

Kate Douglas said...

I just read the anthology this week and definitely loved Devyn's story. It was, without a doubt, the best of the bunch. Sexy AND romantic--and that's what makes a sexy story erotic, in my opinion. You have to make the reader care about the characters, and Devyn knows how to do that.

Marty Rayne said...

I have to agree, Kate :-)
Thanks for stopping by *off to find a book by Kate to read and brag about*