Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Luck of the Draw by Julie Lence

Luck of the Draw
by Julie Lence

Publisher: Asylett Press

Genre: Historical Romance, Western Romance

Copyright 2007

240 pages

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Royce Weston has little use for the opposite sex until Paige Morgan deals him a hand he can't refuse.


"I'm ready to finish this water fight you started."

"Me?" he exaggerated, turning to face her. "You're the one…" If the sight of her bare calf had caused his pulse to pound, the sight of her now was sure to kill him.

She stood across from him, knee-deep in the water with a determined smile playing on her lips to match the gleam in her eyes. Her arms were bare to the neck except for the narrow straps of her soaked chemise, which clung to her body and did little to conceal her breasts from his heated gaze.

She leaned forward to play her fingers on the water, and Royce bit his tongue as he watched a droplet of water trail down her skin to the valley between her breasts. With the sun glistening off her wet skin, his body hardened, throbbed, and ached with a need even Sandra hadn't provoked in him.

"Paige." Her name was a ragged moan. "Come here."

"Not on your life, big guy," she teased. "You have your space and I have mine. This is the boundary." She drew an imaginary line between them with her finger. "Whoever crosses it first loses."

"The hell with the line." Royce dove beneath the water. He came up in front of her and lifter her out of the water.


With great characters and an intriguing plot, Luck of the Draw is a wonderful and fast-paced story that grabs the reader's attention and does not let go…. Jennifer, Reviewer for LWR Book Reviews, July 2007

Luck of the Draw is action packed testosterone everywhere! There are cowboys and bad guys galore. Larger than life characters leap off the page. There is never a dull moment in this book, as well as some twists and turns and entertaining spots of humor. Ms. Lence has written a story that grabs your attention from the first paragraph to the last word… Matilda, Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance, September 2007


I grew up in an average-size city in upstate New York. All through school I enjoyed writing as long as I could choose the topic. I even tried to write a novel length story in middle school. The plot centered around two friends, but since I was young I didn't stick with it all that long.

I met my husband during the latter part of 12th grade and married him two years later. He has already enlisted in the Air Force, and I enjoyed accompanying him on his twenty years of service. By marrying young and entering the work force full-time, the writing bug didn't bite me again until the early 90's when my heart was captured by a novel written by my favorite author, Judith McNaught. I have been writing ever since, sometimes into the wee hours of night. Many of the things I garnered over the years I learned from the wonderful people in my writing groups, Pikes Peak Romance Writers. I also have my husband to thank for his support and the fact he's the closest thing to a walking dictionary.

Luck of the Draw is my 3rd novel written and my fist to be published. I'm very excited my publisher saw something in my writing she liked because Luck of the Draw has been my baby for years. I think I've nurtured this story more than a mother hen does her chicks.

Currently, I'm writing my next novel. I'm actively involved in the PTO at my son's school and PPRW. I enjoy taking care of my family, reading, horseback riding when I have time, and anything to do with the America West. I like meeting other fans of romance, so if you've got time say hello at Until then, may luck always be with you.


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