Sunday, May 18, 2008

Hot Couture by Tilly Greene

New York, London, Paris…Fashion and passion collide in this elegant print collection by Tilly Greene! So use the good fashion sense God gave you and buy a copy TODAY!!


Hot Couture
by Tilly Greene

Publisher: Phaze

ISBN e-book: 978-1594260483 paperback: 978-1594267161

Genre: Contemporary Erotic Romance - Bondage, D/s and MĂ©nage a Trois

Price: E-book $6
Print $13

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When fashion and passion collide, love ignites and Haute Couture becomes Hot Couture.

The Leather Bride: Mimi St. John is an intelligent, successful, woman in a committed relationship, or so she thought. After dropping hints and finally getting a small taste of what she truly wanted from her lover, being bound and taken, he leaves. Rick Milston has known from the first moment he saw his lover that she was the only one for him. They suit each other perfectly. As they make the steps to start down a new path, life rears it's head and turns everything upside down. Will the lovers find their way back to where they'd left off? Is the runway a good place for reuniting lovers?

Taming Marie Antoinette: Liana Trudeau has moved to Paris in pursuit of her doctorate. While her mind has been working hard, her body has been ignored. Knowing what she wants, Liana attends the Depravity Dance and connects with two men who can perfectly read her needs, both physically and mentally. Unfortunately it's for only one night, or is it? Thornton and James Michaud have spent the past couple of months focused on a project in conjunction with the French government. With all the signatures necessary to move forward, they're out to celebrate and indulge their desire for a woman. By the end of the evening they find she has only one fault, leaving before they were finished. Can they find her to complete what they'd started in a city as large as Paris? October in Paris is romance and the Depravity Dance, what could possibly be next?

The Gilded Cage: Work is what makes her happy, so she keeps going until her body demands she take time to see to it. Gabrielle Porter sees Succulent as the perfect place to spend time doing just this. There are no surprises when she takes a night to allow her submissive soul freedom, until she answers one man's call - now she's all in.

After having made a success with local governments and businesses alike, Max Stephenson has received the call of a lifetime. The new Prime Minister has asked for consultations to see how Britain is doing with it's environmental initiatives. Being a silent partner in a private club is a side benefit and one he's glad to have when he lays eyes on the busty brunette on his first night back.

The club brings Gabby and Max together, but what about out in the real world, can they make it work out there?


The Leather Bride:

Taming Marie Antoinette:

The Gilded Cage:

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