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Taming Marie Antoinette by Tilly Greene

Being a fan of Ms. Tilly, I was ecstatic to find out one of her books was up for editing and I could be apart of her writing process! You cannot find a more giving and open writer to work with, or an even better friend.
I can't wait to find out what the future hold for her!


Taming Marie Antoinette By Tilly Greene
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eBook ISBN-13: 978-1-59426-784-0
Genre/Series Contemporary Erotic Romance/BDSM - A Passion for Fashion and Bondage
Release Date October 2007
Publisher Phaze
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Also Available from All Romance Ebooks, or Fictionwise

Liana Trudeau has moved to Paris in pursuit of her doctorate. While her mind has been working hard, her body has been ignored. Knowing what she wants, Liana attends the Depravity Dance and connects with two men who can perfectly read her needs, both physically and mentally. Unfortunately it's for only one night, or is it?
Thornton and James Michaud have spent the past couple of months focused on a project in conjunction with the French government. With all the signatures necessary to move forward, they're out to celebrate and indulge their desire for a woman. By the end of the evening they find she has only one fault, leaving before they were finished. Can they find her to complete what they'd started in a city as large as Paris?
October in Paris is romance and the Depravity Dance, what could possibly be next?

*Taming Marie Antoinette EXCERPT - Spicy*

Within a few steps of their goal, she turned around but didn't walk away. This view had them both reaching down and grab hold of theirhardened cocks to read just them for comfort as they continued makingtheir way to her side. Starting at her waist a swath of gold satin,gathered like a bustle and elegantly trailed down and across thefloor behind her. The brothers didn't rush but neither did they stopto talk with anyone, there was nothing to deter them from their objective.

They stepped up beside her, one on each side, and simultaneously used a hand to cup an ass cheek. The twins manipulated the globes, savoring the soft flesh as well as its resiliency.

"My, my, what a lovely ass you have here my Queen. Silky and malleable, perfect."

Without jumping or moving away, she stood between the two men and let them fondle the body part in question. Before answering theircompliment, she looked both right and left. Sharp and intense brightblue eyes focused on each of them, assuredly taking their measure. James felt his cock jump in his pants.

"Thank you, it's mine, and I'm quite attached to it." He was surprised. In their haste, they'd made a mistake and spoke inEnglish, but it seemed that was okay because she sounded American.

"Hmmm, do you ever share it with others?" While neither had released their hold on her delectable ass, Thorn continued to make their playfor claiming her for the evening.

For a long moment she was quiet, checking them both out again. They didn't make even the smallest of moves, letting her make up her own mind to their request.

"Yes, with the right person…or persons."

James released the breath he'd been holding and thanked every deity for opening this door to heaven. Something about this woman was calling out to him, and without so much as putting his dick insideher. When she looked at him, speaking through lovely plump pink folds and beautiful ice blue eyes staring intelligently back at him,he felt his dick eagerly throb for entrance. As she turned to lookat Thorn, he looked at his brother and saw he felt the connection too, although there'd been little doubt he would. If one felt something, then the other did as well.

"Are we acceptable, because we'd like to share you between us this evening." James blinked at his brother. What was he doing, ignoring the wooing and gentling stage and instead jumping right into the fucking.

"Gentlemen, may I suggest we take this upstairs?"

Shit, he blinked again. It seems Marie Antoinette was on the same page as them after all, eager to enter the games. They walked as a group toward the stairs and made their way toward the upper floor's attendant. Accompanying them was the swishing from her train, ifpossible the sensual sound raised each of their libidos even further.

Copyright © 2007 Tilly Greene

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Tilly Greene
WARNING! Red hot romances ahead!

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"I swear that several times my ebook reader ignited as I read this powerfully dominating story! Tilly Greene delivers another lava flow of volcanic sensuality as outstanding as her earlier The Leather Bride. Do not read this without an ice-cold shower, AND a willing partner, standing ready."
Reviewed by Frost, 5 swords,
Reviewed by Frost
"Taming Marie Antoinette is pure fire. The characters are so provocative and arousing the reader won't want to put the book down. Tilly Greene has penned one super sexy tale."
Reviewed by Dawnie, 4 angels,
Fallen Angel Reviews

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