Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Love's Evolution by Ally Blue

I’m familiar with Ally Blue and her books as she is also part of the Slash and Burn blog which we both belong to centering on Manlove. However, I’d not gotten a chance to read any of her books. I can’t say that now.

Love’s Evolution is more than a love story. It’s as the title implies. The evolution of two lives as they meet, fall in love, and discover the ups and downs of life together. Each man growing along the way.

This book made me think back to the time when my husband and were engaged. He told me one day that I’d change. I was 21 and thought I knew anything and protested that idea. I didn’t really take his warning seriously even though he’d been married once before. After marriage, came children, and within five years I had to admit that he was correct. I’d changed. My view on life, my perspectives, and my way of thinking. It shifted from myself to the ones who were closest.

Chris and Matt’s relationship grew in a similar way. It was easy to fall for the two characters and their fun loving ways. I especially enjoyed Matt’s kinky and wild desires. It definitely pushed the heat level of this story and made it a lot of fun to read.

I fully recommend taking the journey through life’s gifts and heartaches with Chris and Matt.

Love’s Evolution
By Ally Blue
Publisher: Samhain
Format: e-book and print
Genre: Gay romance

Purchase: Amazon, Borders, Samhain Publishig

Chris Tucker is a cultured and sophisticated gentleman. Matt Gallagher is a pierced and tattooed wild child. Not exactly the pair you’d expect to become a couple. But the sparks fly between them from the moment they meet, and the fire never goes out.
Through the first rush of attraction to falling in love, through jealousy and sexual experimentation and a life-threatening injury, the bond they share grows and deepens. Come along with Matt and Chris on their journey, and share their joys and heartaches, from first hello to happily ever after and everything in between.
For more information on Ally Blue and her other books, visit her website - www.allyblue.com

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