Monday, December 1, 2008

Wicked Hot by Charlene Teglia

After discovering a Waldenbooks in a nearby mall, I’m finding that I’m reading more and more new authors. Of course, I’m elated that they carry print books from Ellora’s Cave, Samhain, and Kensington Aphrodisia. An entire section with erotic romance. :D Talk about being in hog heaven. Of course, I’ve got loads of e-books here on my computer, but being a writer, there are just days I don’t even want to look at this screen a moment longer. However, I’ve broken down and ordered me a e-book reader. It should be here next week, so I’ll be able to break this tie from my laptop and tell you about all the great books I have here.

Okay, on to my next newfound author. Charlene Teglia. The title of this book got my attetion. Wicked Hot. Oh, and the man’s torso on the cover help catch my attention too *wink* But her tag line also sealed the deal. Two immortal warriors, satisfying her every need…

Wicked Hot is enough to give any woman a wet dream. *pant* Edana, aka Beelzababe, is a succubus sent to lure the soul from a troublesome Nephilim, Eli. Instead, she ends up being bound by her target, his every order carried out, including doing the dishes. Then throw in Dal, Eli’s brother, and we’ve got the pieces for some hot, wicked sex.

And let me tell you, if you like sex, threesomes, sex, anal play/penetration, and more sex…yeah, this is the book for you.

I really enjoyed this book, however, I have one complaint. It’s written in first person, which I have no trouble with. But all through the book I kept asking “What’s going on in Eli’s head?” He was so controlled and showed such little emotion except for possessiveness toward Edana, that it personally bugged me that I didn’t have more insight. But that is just my own personal opinion on this book and my own nagging hag in my brain wanting more.

I highly recommend this book for some hours of hot fun.

Wicked Hot
By Charlene Teglia
Publisher: St. Martins Press
Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance
Purchase: Amazon and Borders

Two immortal warriors attending to her every need…The struggle between good and evil is about to get…Wicked Hot
Edana is a succubus—a breathtakingly beautiful demon who offers men their most decadent fantasy in exchange for their souls. No one can get close to her without being destroyed..until she meets Eli and Dal. Both men are Nephilim, immortal warriors who bind and banish demons. Edana’s mission is to arouse their lust and steal their souls before they can destroy her—she never expects to fall in love. Shared by two virile lovers and lost in a world of sensation, Edana begins to fall for one of the warriors, jeopardizing her mission. Only he has power to save her, but first she must give him power over her heart—and her destiny…

Fallen Angel Reviews Recommended Read:
Charlene Teglia has turned something old into pure gold with her unique voice and talent at characterization. I highly recommend this sensual feast to erotica lovers everywhere.” - Fallen Angel Reviews

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