Monday, November 5, 2007

Stephanie's First Edited Book to go to Print!

Available in e-book ISBN 1-59426-542-9 $6.00
& print ISBN 978-1-59426-840-3 $9.00 (for limited time)

I'm so excited to have Canyon's Call as one of the first books I helped make a reality go to print! The realistic descriptions of Canada let you see it for the first time right along with heroine. And she is one strong, intelligent woman who's take no crap attitude even when misunderstandings get in the way won't let her be denied her goals. Dr. Carrie Reed may have taken this working-vacation to go look for a new species and indulge in a sexy summertime romp but she finds more than just one wild-not to mention gorgeous-beast in Jake Canyon. This hard-headed cowboy is ready to show her the mysteries Canada has to offer and give her a whole lifetime of lovin'!
Ms. Kate is great to work with and I always look forward to getting a new story from her.

The blurb:

Carrie Reed, a highly respected genetic veterinary specialist, has it all: a successful practice, fame in her chosen field, money and a body that most women would give their eye teeth for. But she's got no male prospects insight and a mother that loves to remind Carrie that her biological clock isn't only ticking--it's screaming. So when Jake Canyon phones he commands her attention. His voice is sexy, his tone is hot and he insists there is anew species of animal roaming around on his Alaskan ranch. Would she come and identify it for him? Of course she will! Carrie knows that even if there isn't a new species to be found, a voice like Jake's is definitely worth investigating!

*Canyon's Call excerpt*

Jake leaned down closer, lessening the gap between their faces
slightly. His arms were on either side of her body and she felt encircled
by the full, masculine form. It was a good feeling, one she hadn't
experienced in so long that she nearly didn't recall how wonderful it was
to be this close to a man.

When his lips touched hers a flash of white-hot heat shot up her
spine. With only a fraction of a second's hesitation, her lips responded to
the gentle touch of his and within moments they were pressed together in
the doorway. Their arms were around each other and their bodies already
lost to the desires neither of them knew were so close to the surface.

Carrie pulled Jake into her room and he kicked the door closed
behind them. While they were at dinner some thoughtful hotel employee
had lit a fire. It crackled warmly in the small brick fireplace as their
bodies moved toward it, like moths to a flame. When Carrie's back
settled onto the plush hearth rug and his body covered hers it felt as
natural as anything ever had.

"Carrie," moaned Jake, pulling his lips from hers. He looked down
at her, saw her flushed face and wide green eyes and moaned a second
time. "I want you, Carrie. You feel so damn good—so damn—oh!"
His eyebrows lifted in surprise at the touch of her hand on his ass,
pulling his hardness against her hip. Her firm grip left no doubt about
what she wanted to feel pressed to her body.

"Ah," he said, dropping his mouth to hers.

No talking, Jake. If we talk about it, I won't do it and God knows I
need it. I want it and I'll have it. Time to let my vibrator—and my
fingers—have a break. Time for the real thing. And baby, I can feel your
real thing—your real big thing—pressing against my hip.

Let's let the damn thing out before it strangles inside your pants.

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Sassy Brit said...

Congratulations Kate and Marty on your successes!

Have fun with your new blog - and thanks for dropping into mine!

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