Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Of Flesh and Blood

Of Flesh And Blood
by Darragha Foster
Tina Holland
Celine Chatillon

Publisher: Liquid Silver
ISBN: 978-1-59578-384-4
Cover Artist: April Martinez

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Polishing Saber – Darragha Foster
Polishing Saber is not your average vampire tale. These ain’t your mama’s Carpathians. In Iceland, the vampires are tall, blonde and environmentally-minded. Vampires in the land of fire and ice is nice!

Content: anilingus, consumption of sheep’s blood, the wearing of human skin

Dealing with the Dead – Tina Holland
In the futuristic locale of Sin Vegas, things go bump in the night. Vampires, Werewolves and Zombies – OH MY. Humans are rare and remain in hiding. Melissa and her clan have found a way to survive. Possession. Melissa is a Passage – allowing herself to be possessed by earthbound souls. Drake Vermillion is a vampire looking for a quick bite. Instead he finds Melissa, but when she turns ice-cold before the first taste, Drake is intrigued rather than fearful of the huntress. Melissa may normally hunt creatures of the night, but she makes an exception when Drake offers her the one thing she can’t refuse – Help for her clan. Trusting a vampire, killing zombies, and being possessed by ghosts are all part of Dealing with the Dead.

Content: Play, Anal Sex, Sexual Possession

Blood Betrayal – Celine Chatillon
Vlad Drakul is hopelessly in love with intelligent and gorgeous Sofia, but the blonde beauty isn't all she appears to be. She is the ensorcelled instrument of sadistic vampire hunter Leo Van Helsing, an exquisite lure to ensnare Vlad by seduction. Van Helsing is determined to learn the Vampire Kindred’s secrets of immortality, and when he attempts to capture Vlad, Sofia must be sacrificed. Only Vlad can "save her" by transforming her into a creature of the night like himself. But will the process of becoming undead drive Sofia mad? And how will Leo react when his plans are foiled by very pawn he planted in Vlad's arms?

Warning: Contains rough sex, forced sex, biting, anal sex, oral sex, voyeurism

What Mrs. Giggles has to say about this book:
"OF FLESH AND BLOOD is an anthology of three stories featuringvampires. This is an interesting read indeed.

(About "Blood Betrayal") Vlad and Leo Van Helsing findthemselves waging a war with each other with poor Sofia Martinellibeing caught in the middle as a pawn. Both men were really sadisticand twisted in their own right so this one is a deliciouslydisturbing story that appeals greatly to my enjoyment of ghoulish andmacabre elements.

OF FLESH AND BLOOD is an anthology that is far more enjoyably creepythan it is romantic. Still, it is a most interesting read that Isuspect will go down well with readers who like erotic horror. Allthree stories are certainly memorable in their own right. All inall, I believe I am pretty pleased with this one."

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