Monday, December 8, 2008

Blue Ruin 2: Close To Me

I’m in lust! I’m a writer of male/male erotic fiction. I love the thought/image of two (or more) gorgeous men together. Though I don’t write yaoi, I enjoy reading it. And then there’s the BDSM genre. I write it and take pleasure in reading it. This story has all the above and makes a great story.

Ms. Strauss does a wonderful job with her characters in the Blue Ruin series. How can one not lust after submissive Blue? Or his dominate partner, Derek? I’ll admit that Blue is my favorite. ;) Ms. Strauss brings in some fantastic new characters. Jodi, April, and let’s not forget Cameron…Blue’s nemesis from his school days and threat to his budding relationship with Derek.

I’m not too keen on Cameron. He’s too brash and gruff for delicate Blue. *sigh* However, having him in the plot really created a lot of conflict for Blue and Derek.

If you a superb story, make sure you check out this series.

Blue Ruin 2: Closer To Me
By Katrina Strauss
Publisher: Loose-Id
Genre: BDSM Romantic Suspense Yaoi

Blue finds pleasure in playing pet to Derek, but is eager to pursue goals outside of their relationship. When Blue starts GED classes and expands his social circle, Derek affords him room to grow, trusting their love is enough to keep his restless pet in line.

That love is put to the test when Cameron Carter reappears in Blue's life. An abusive crush from Blue's school days, Cameron is a reformed adult now and seeks absolution for old wrongs. While Blue must find it in his heart to forgive Cameron, the greater challenge lies in keeping his unrequited desire for the former bully at bay.

Derek's torn between enforcing boundaries and allowing Blue closure to heal old wounds. Meanwhile, Cameron struggles to forgive himself for the pain he once caused the boy he secretly loved. As Cameron and Blue begin the road to recovery, the sizzling chemistry between them can no longer be ignored.

Caught between two strong-willed men, can Blue prove his loyalty to one while denying his attraction for the other, or, is it maybe just possible that Blue can have them both?

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, BDSM (including tethering, humiliation), male/male sexual situations, menage (m/m/m), strong violence.

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Katrina Strauss said...

Thanks Marty for such a lovely review! What a nice surprise to come across while scrolling through the blog feed! :D

I wasn't sure I'd like Cameron either -- to the point where I quetioned whether I could even write this book and suffered block for a few weeks -- but he kind of grew on me. He certainly provided that nice dose of "yaoi angst" I was aiming for in this particular installment. Thanks for staying on board and giving it a go! :)