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Naked Dragon by G.A. Hauser

I've purchased this book, but haven't had time to read it yet. Looks good so I thought I'd share.

Naked Dragon
By G.A. Hauser

Publisher: Linden Bay Romance
ISBN # 978-1-60202-065-8
Genre: Contemporary, GLBT (m/m)
Price: E-Book - $6.99
Print - $14.99

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Police Officer Dave Harris has just been assigned to one of the worst serial murder cases in Seattle history: The Dragon is hunting young Asian men. In order to solve the crime it’s going to take a bit more than good old-fashioned police work. It’s going to take handsome FBI Agent Robbie Taylor.

Robbie is an experienced Federal Agent with psychic abilities that allow him to enter the minds of others. You can’t hide your secrets and desires from someone that knows your every thought. Some think what Robbie has is a gift, others a skill, but when the mind you have to enter is that of a madman it can also be a curse.

As the corpses pile up and the tension mounts, so does the sexual attraction between the two men. Then a moment of passion leads to a secret affair. Will their love be the distraction that costs them the case and possibly even their lives? Or will the bond forged between them be the key to their survival?

Excerpt: (from publisher's website)

Just as he began to doze off on the couch the phone rang. He jumped, startled, then hopped up to answer it. “Hello?”

“Hey, gorgeous.”
Instantly his skin covered in goose bumps.

Laughing nervously, he replied, “Hey, Robbie.”

“You called? I just walked in and got my messages.”

“I…I just wanted to say hello. If you’re busy—”

“Not busy at all. Hello.”Dave could hear the smile in his voice. He felt completely tongue tied and anxious. “So, uh, crazy case, isn’t it?”

“You don’t want to talk about that.”

“I keep forgetting you can read my mind,” Dave laughed, then sat down at the kitchen table and toyed with the phone cord nervously.“I can’t wait to get my hands on you. You are absolutely fantastic.”

“Wow. I never thought I was.”

“You are. Believe me. You lift weights, right?”

“Yeah…a little.”

“A little,” Robbie answered with skepticism in his voice. “How much you bench press?”

“Two-eighty. Forget that. So, Monday night? After shift? You want me to stop by?”

“I do. There’s a parking garage under the building. As you get close, call me and I’ll open the gate for you and show you where to park.”

“Oh. Cool. Should I bring anything? Beer?”

“Beer…rubbers…lube…and whatever else you like.”

“Christ, I have to buy lube?” Dave laughed. “You buy the lube, I’ll get the rubbers.”

“Okay, babe. I know this is your first time.”

“Not my first.”

“No? You ever have a boyfriend before?”

Hating to be wrong about something like this, Dave didn’t answer.

After a pause Robbie said, “You’ve had sex with women, you mean.”

“Yes. That’s what I meant. Stop reading my damn mind!” Dave laughed again.“I’ll bet you can read mine.”

At the seductive nature of the comment, Dave replied, “Yeah. You want my cock.”

“See. It’s not that hard is it?”

“Wrong. It’s very hard.” When he heard Robbie burst out laughing on the other end, he wanted him tonight. Now.

“I would come, babe, but I’m very tired.”

“Stop it!” Dave teased. “You know this can be very dangerous!”

“I promise I won’t intrude on your deepest darkest thoughts. Or at least I won’t tell you about them.”

“On that note,” Dave smiled as he said, “Good night, Agent Taylor. See you Monday night.”

“I’ll be there. Hopefully we won’t meet up at another scene earlier, but if we do, so be it.”

Cringing at going to yet another massacre of a young man, Dave’s good mood vanished. “Hopefully not.”

“Don’t worry. You won’t dream about it. Get some sleep.”

“Thanks. See ya soon.” He hung up and stared at the phone. “I better not dream about it,” he warned himself. Then he reclined again on the sofa and stared at the idiot box, trying not to think dreadful thoughts.

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