Saturday, December 8, 2007

Savior by Jade Falconer

Looking for a little m/m to spice up your reading selection? Have I got one smokin' story for you: Savior by Jade Falconer! A Terrific writer to say the least. This writer's story draw you in and keeps you entertained.

Make sure to check out what happens when a rock star and his newly hired bodyguard take more than a professional interest in each other.


Savior by Jade Falconer

Publisher: Phaze
ISBN 1-59426-746-4
A Phaze Force HeatSheet!

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Ricky has it all, and that's part of the problem. Countless personal assistants and managers organize his celebrity life for him, so that he barely needs to lift a finger. It's not until he hires Jim as a bodyguard that he realizes he can't pay everyone to kiss his ass.

Jim's quiet manner and integrity makes him a challenge. However, the more Ricky gets to know the no nonsense body guard, the more he realizes what's missing in his life. And when Ricky's life is in danger, sparks begin to fly.


Ricky turned to face Jim and slid his arms around Jim's middle, pressing against him. "I don't care. As long as you're here. You saved my life," he said quietly, as if finally getting over the shock of the afternoon. He looked up into Jim's eyes. "Thank you."

He almost said something flip like, 'That's my job' or 'It's all part of the service' but the words died on his lips. "You're welcome," was what he settled for, and he gazed into Ricky's eyes. He was holding him like a lover now, and Ricky's body was compact and slender in his arms. He realized then that he'd wrapped his arms around Ricky without even knowing he'd done it, and they stood, twined together, in the middle of Ricky's plush bedroom. Jim felt his arousal begin again and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

Ricky worried his lower lip between his teeth. "Jim," he whispered. He slid his hands up Jim's chest, over his shoulders. "You're so brave," he breathed, never breaking eye contact.

"No I'm not," Jim said automatically, but he was caught up in Ricky's chocolate brown gaze. He knew he should step back, disentangle himself, put some distance between them. But Ricky was frightened, and needed comfort. Jim wanted to give it to him. Ricky looked smaller this way, more delicate, and Jim's heart beat faster as he tried to keep his hips away from the other man.

"And so...Handsome," he whispered. Ricky leaned up on tiptoe and pressed his lips against Jim's, just lightly, barely a press of warm skin to warm skin.

Jim whimpered but didn't pull back. It was exactly what he wanted, what he'd been aching for.

He kissed back after a second, arms tightening around Ricky. He was suddenly fully aroused and he parted his lips. He wanted desperately to taste Ricky’s sweet mouth.

Ricky parted his lips, kissing back. He held onto Jim tightly, a low moan in his throat.

Jim didn't think, didn't hesitate. He parted Ricky's lips more with his tongue and claimed his mouth, the other man's moan spurring him on. He pulled Ricky's body against him, and felt his hardness against his thigh. It made him even harder, and he wanted Ricky to feel it now.

Survivor is one hot male/male read! Jade Falconer sets the pages on fire with this scorcher. I enjoyed reading it from page one. I warn you if your not use to reading male/male then this story is not for you. — Sensual Reads and Reviews

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