Monday, November 12, 2007

This Old House by Lavada Dee

This Old House
by Lavada Dee

Publisher: Asylett Press
ISBN 1-934337-07-2
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Genre: Contemporary Romance

It’s too much. Katherine goes from single and sharing an apartment with two roommates to being a mother to her orphaned niece overnight. With no other family, it’s just she and Jodi. Short of money, and knowing the night job she holds will put additional trauma on her niece, Katherine seeks a live-in domestic position.

Ross Huntington has just finished with the last of a series of unsatisfactory babysitters. He’s raising his two boys by himself and while he has family support, he hates having to depend entirely on his parents to provide childcare.They need each other, and what they can offer each other seems ideal one in Ross’s hometown is going to believe Katherine’s just the nanny.

Solution: Marriage. Rules: In name only.


Anonymous said...

This book is a "MUST" read. My only question is when will there be more? It's cold and wet here in the Pacific Northwest and I need more reading material!

Tricia Jones said...

I agree with anonymous. This is a lovely feel-good romance with a simply gorgeous hero. More please!