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Angel Eyes and Demon Lies by CJ England

Angel Eyes and Demon Lies
by CJ England

Publisher: Restless Winds Publications
Genre: Angel/Demon -paranormal


Anael spends her days bringing romance and passion to those mortals in her care. But love is an emotion that she herself has never experienced. That all changes when she meets Orias, whose existence and beliefs are in direct contrast to her own,

Orias has one purpose in use his gift of prophecy and divination to further his master's foul schemes. But when he discovers a forbidden passion with Anael, his priorities are suddenly challenged.

What will happen when their desire is brought to the light? Will they lose all they have together? Or will their love and need for each other make a Valentine's Day miracle come true?

5 Roses
CJ England brings impossible elements to romance and truly makes dreams come true. Her writing is powerful and you too will get caught up in Anael and Orias tale of love. I can’t wait to read more by this wonderful author.
Sierra from My Book Cravings

Excerpt (taken from CJ's website):

It was pitch black in the cold, lonely, frightening tunnel. The only sounds heard were the sullen drip…drip…drip of water and the noise of her footsteps as they squished into the slime covering the stone floor. Feeling her way along the rough cavern wall, she shivered when her fingers touched something small and hard that moved. It skittered away from her searching hand before she could do anything other than shudder in revulsion. She tiptoed along, trying to keep utterly quiet, knowing if she was caught, it would be her doom. The loathsome smell of decay tickled her nostrils, making her want to sneeze, but no matter how badly she wished she could head back upwards into the light, she kept going. She had no choice…not any more. What was down here was far too important to her.

She glanced around behind her, suddenly feeling as if she were being watched. Her heartbeat increased as she searched the gloom for what made her hair want to stand on end. But after a few minutes of deadly silence, she sighed shakily. This horrible place always made her imagination run wild.

Biting her lip, she continued downward. Her agitation increased as she realized she’d come much further than ever before. What was actually down here in these deep, dark chasms? She prayed she wouldn’t run into any of the actual inhabitants of the region. If that happened, than all her plans would be for naught. She eased around the corner of a large boulder. Its surface dripped with foulness and death, but she tried to ignore it. Soon, she would find what she’d come for and then all would be as it should. If she didn’t believe that, then coming to this forbidden realm would be the most foolish thing she could do.

She paused to get her bearings and shuddered again at the thought of being caught. Her fearful eyes tried to peer through the gloom as she again had the feeling of being watched. She took a step backwards and stopped short as she came up against a hard male body.

Adrenaline rushed through her as an arm snaked around her narrow waist, while a second one covered her mouth so she couldn’t scream. Oh God! She’d been discovered! What would happen to her now? Tears filled her eyes as she struggled. She knew no one would help her in this terrible place.

“You are trespassing,” a dark voice hissed in her ear. “Do you know what happens to those who enter our lands without permission?”

She grabbed at the hand pressed against her lips, but it wouldn’t budge. The one who held her was very strong, very stubborn and by the feel of his body against hers…very aroused.

“We do not see many of your kind here,” he murmured, pressing his nose against the frantically pulsing vein in her neck. “And real women are scarce in this place. I wonder…do you know what will happen, now that I’ve caught you?”

Unable to answer him, she just continued her struggle to get away. She clawed at his hands and when that didn’t do anything, she reached behind him to grab at his hair. But before she could get a handful, the man holding her released her mouth and whipped her around to face him. Pulling her against his hard body, she only had time to take one deep breath before his mouth came down on hers.

She froze instantly, feeling much like a rabbit did when pounced on by a hunting wolf. His mouth was hard and demanding, leaving nothing to the imagination. He forced her lips apart and ravaged her sweet mouth. She finally struggled when his hand smoothed its way up her body and cupped a warm breast.

He growled low in his throat and gave the soft mound a threatening squeeze. Gasping, she stilled again, knowing he was too strong for her to fight against. As if taking her stillness for surrender, he chuckled. “Very smart, angel. It wouldn’t do for you to make me angry.”


“Don’t beg,” he ordered. “You came down here, knowing what might happen to you. I’m just fulfilling that expectation.”


“Be silent!” He squeezed her breast again then ran his hand down her hip to the short tunic dress she was wearing. “Now then…what surprises do you have for me?” He eased under the garment and up her rounded rear, plucking at her skimpy panties. “Very nice. Are they lace?”

She pushed against his rock hard chest. “Don’t!”

He laughed again. “Why not?” He backed her up against the moss covered rock and held her so she couldn’t move. His hand continued its exploration, moving over her womanly hips and up her flat belly. He groaned as he touched the warm swell of her naked breast. He held her tightly as he flicked his thumb over the tip, making it pebble beneath his touch. “Very nice.”

She struggled again. “Please…don’t!”

“Your mouth says no, but this…” He squeezed a nipple between his thumb and index finger and she gasped. “This says you want me to go on.”

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