Sunday, April 27, 2008

Wicked Games by Jade Falconer

How about a historical with a new twist? This sexually charged story will guarantee to have you squirming in your seat, as well as wanting to yell at these two charmingly HAWT men to get a clue! Let yourself be trasported to Regency England to watch these two men learn love is worth taking any risk.

Available in e-book and soon in print.


Publisher: Phaze
ISBN 978-1-59426-773-4
Genre: M/M, Regnecy Historical

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Niels got more than he bargained for when he broke into a certain townhouse in the fashionable section of London. The arrogant and dictatorial lord who caught him red-handed was more than willing to take advantage of the situation. Temporarily forced into a unique form of servitude, Niels learns more than he ever expected to about the decadent ruling class that he wants so badly to emulate. Masquerading as a foreign nobleman is easy for the charming Fin who grew to manhood on the streets of London, abandoned by the only family he had. But will his experience at manipulating people and winning their confidence help him with Richard? Or get him into even more trouble?

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Monday, April 14, 2008

My Immortal by Erin McCarthy

This one has been sitting on my shelf for some time now. I picked it up at a used book store because the blurb intrigued me...then Damien had me snared *swoon*. The author did a supurb job using old letters as the flashbacks into the past. I was as infatuated with each letter entry into the past as I was with the present plot. Luckily, I did some traveling this weekend which allowed me some great reading time :D I would recommend this book to anyone who likes the paranormal genre.

My Immortal

by Erin McCarthy

Publisher: Penguin

Format: Print
Available: Amazon, Books A Million, and many other book stores

My life... My love...My Immortal

In the late 18th century, a spoiled, selfish plantation owner struck an unholy bargain with a fallen angel: an eternity of servitude for the gift of immortality. For over two hundred years, Damien du Bourg has held up his end of the bargain—by inspiring lust in everyone around him…

Stumbling upon Damien’s plantation on the outskirts of New Orleans while searching for her missing sister, Marley Turner enters a world of shocking decadence. Drawn to the tortured man at the center of it all, Marley feels a powerful sensuality stirring inside her. For the first time, it’s Damien who can’t resist the lure of a woman. But his past sins aren’t ready to be forgotten—or forgiven…

Read an excerpt from the book HERE

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Sunday, April 13, 2008

Shoon Joining by Jude Mason

Well Ms. Mason has done it again! Her creative mind has traveled to the future and the far reaches of outer space in this entertaining and too hot to handle story!! The Shoon are a peaceful race out to share their knowledge with as many open-minded beings as possible. Too bad the Federation sees themselves as superior to all and are out to concur any who get in their way.

You'll want to join this peace 'lovin' race once you treat yourself to a lil alien lovin!


Shoon Joining
by Jude Mason

Publisher: Phaze
ISBN 978-1-59426-868-7
Genre: Sci-Fi
Price: $3

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Coerced into negotiating with the alien race, the Shoon, Earthman Ambassador Trevor Sloan finds himself tossed into a scenario never before faced. Imprisoned by a corrupt bureaucracy, then rescued by his lover, they fight together, along with the Shoon, to end the ills of humanity .


Trevor eased forward, his cock slowly sinking deeper into the soft, wet folds of Amanda's cunt. Growling, he clenched his ass, straining to control the speed and depth of his thrust. "Hold still, babe," he whispered, arching his back. Sweat trickled off him and onto the lush curves of the woman beneath him. Her thighs tightened around his waist, but thankfully didn't pull him in.

Amanda, her dark eyes gazing up into his, smiled and clenched her inner muscles, as if tempting him to let go. Encouraging him to lose control and plunder her, like he would some outlander whore. He balanced on his knees and one hand; the other went to her breasts, the nipples like beacons, calling for attention. He tweaked the puckered nub closest, dragging a moan of pleasure from her, then shifted to the other where he administered the same teasing pinch. Softly at first, but wanting more reaction from her, he tightened his fingers and thumb until her moan grew to just the right pitch.

"Damn you, Trevor Sloan," she snarled in that sweet sexy voice he'd learned to love, "fuck me. Hard. Now!"

Chuckling, he slammed himself in deep, and had to bite his lip to keep from shooting. He kept still, one hand on her breast, the fingers digging into the soft mound, the other beside her shoulder on the bed. The orgasm he fought to hold off lunged nearer. His balls tensed, moved higher in their sac readying to loose a stream of come that he'd too long held at bay.

"What's this?" he asked in a voice much calmer than he'd dared hope for. "Trying to give the Ambassador orders, are you?"

"Bastard!" she groaned. Digging her fingers into his hips, she tried to guide him. Urged him to pull out, then slam back into her clutching pussy.

Trevor relented and eased out of her, then thrust back in. His body trembled, the lust mounting ever higher.

"Ambassador Sloan," the voice seemed to come from all around him, frantic, commanding, not to be ignored. "Ambassador Sloan, you're needed at the ready room, now! This is no drill. You're needed now!"

Trevor lunged ahead, desperately trying to ignore those words. He needed to come. He was near the moment of being able to deny the animal need. But, again the call came, louder, more insistent. "Ambassador Sloan. Respond please. Respond immediately."

With a roar of frustration, Trevor pulled away from the clutching woman beneath him and rose from the bed.


Extra Bonus:

Something touched his arm, awakening him from his much-needed slumber. TTrevor stretched, and rolled onto his back to look up at AAmanda. Her eyes shone with excitement. Her smile lit up her entire face, and the space around her/them. Naked, she stood at his side, facing him unabashed as she never would have before the Joining. High breasted, slender of waist, and with an abundantly round bottom that made her hips seem slightly too large until you actually got hold of her, his memory of their lovemaking came to the forefront of his mind.

She must have caught some of his thoughts because her smile broadened and she swayed her hips from side to side, as if encouraging him to reach for her.

"They never left," she said, drawing his attention to her face, her lips. She turned, twirled, reveling in the symbiosis.

He felt her emotions, caught most of her thoughts as she was so near. "No, they never left. We never left. We're part of them now, AAmanda. You and I, and the myriad of other races Joined with the Shoon. They shifted out of phase with the rest of the universe. The ship was here waiting all the time."

She paused, as if digesting what he'd said before adding, "Yes, I understand. But…"

He sat up, his hands going out to her. Stroking her outer thighs, he pulled her closer and rested his forehead on her hip. The soft tendrils on his face mixed and mingled with those on her leg, causing him to quiver. "But," finally he urged and leaned forward to kiss her thigh.

She looked down at him, and with a wistful sigh, stroked his head. "But." She eased her leg forward, moved her foot so it pressed against his leg. "They didn't have to ask for a meeting. They're…" She stopped, thought a moment then went on, "We, the Shoon, are immensely more powerful than the Federation."

"Yes, but, power isn't the answer, is it?" He shifted onto his knees and wrapped his arms around her hips, drawing her closer. He buried his face into her silken pubes. The scent of woman surrounded him, enveloped him, and he inhaled deeply trying to get every last ounce of her essence. Dampness touched his nose when he burrowed deeper. Tilting his head back, he ran his tongue along her inner thigh until he encountered her curly locks, and puffy folds of her cunt. The sensation was amazing. Not only his own, but he got a second blast from AAmanda when he sent his mind out to her. She clenched on the tip of his tongue when it slipped inside, and he felt lightheaded with lust. His cock ached with that dull need he'd thought only happened when he was denied release for weeks. He climaxed just a short time ago, yet he felt as if he was about to explode any second.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Naked Dragon by G.A. Hauser

I've purchased this book, but haven't had time to read it yet. Looks good so I thought I'd share.

Naked Dragon
By G.A. Hauser

Publisher: Linden Bay Romance
ISBN # 978-1-60202-065-8
Genre: Contemporary, GLBT (m/m)
Price: E-Book - $6.99
Print - $14.99

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Police Officer Dave Harris has just been assigned to one of the worst serial murder cases in Seattle history: The Dragon is hunting young Asian men. In order to solve the crime it’s going to take a bit more than good old-fashioned police work. It’s going to take handsome FBI Agent Robbie Taylor.

Robbie is an experienced Federal Agent with psychic abilities that allow him to enter the minds of others. You can’t hide your secrets and desires from someone that knows your every thought. Some think what Robbie has is a gift, others a skill, but when the mind you have to enter is that of a madman it can also be a curse.

As the corpses pile up and the tension mounts, so does the sexual attraction between the two men. Then a moment of passion leads to a secret affair. Will their love be the distraction that costs them the case and possibly even their lives? Or will the bond forged between them be the key to their survival?

Excerpt: (from publisher's website)

Just as he began to doze off on the couch the phone rang. He jumped, startled, then hopped up to answer it. “Hello?”

“Hey, gorgeous.”
Instantly his skin covered in goose bumps.

Laughing nervously, he replied, “Hey, Robbie.”

“You called? I just walked in and got my messages.”

“I…I just wanted to say hello. If you’re busy—”

“Not busy at all. Hello.”Dave could hear the smile in his voice. He felt completely tongue tied and anxious. “So, uh, crazy case, isn’t it?”

“You don’t want to talk about that.”

“I keep forgetting you can read my mind,” Dave laughed, then sat down at the kitchen table and toyed with the phone cord nervously.“I can’t wait to get my hands on you. You are absolutely fantastic.”

“Wow. I never thought I was.”

“You are. Believe me. You lift weights, right?”

“Yeah…a little.”

“A little,” Robbie answered with skepticism in his voice. “How much you bench press?”

“Two-eighty. Forget that. So, Monday night? After shift? You want me to stop by?”

“I do. There’s a parking garage under the building. As you get close, call me and I’ll open the gate for you and show you where to park.”

“Oh. Cool. Should I bring anything? Beer?”

“Beer…rubbers…lube…and whatever else you like.”

“Christ, I have to buy lube?” Dave laughed. “You buy the lube, I’ll get the rubbers.”

“Okay, babe. I know this is your first time.”

“Not my first.”

“No? You ever have a boyfriend before?”

Hating to be wrong about something like this, Dave didn’t answer.

After a pause Robbie said, “You’ve had sex with women, you mean.”

“Yes. That’s what I meant. Stop reading my damn mind!” Dave laughed again.“I’ll bet you can read mine.”

At the seductive nature of the comment, Dave replied, “Yeah. You want my cock.”

“See. It’s not that hard is it?”

“Wrong. It’s very hard.” When he heard Robbie burst out laughing on the other end, he wanted him tonight. Now.

“I would come, babe, but I’m very tired.”

“Stop it!” Dave teased. “You know this can be very dangerous!”

“I promise I won’t intrude on your deepest darkest thoughts. Or at least I won’t tell you about them.”

“On that note,” Dave smiled as he said, “Good night, Agent Taylor. See you Monday night.”

“I’ll be there. Hopefully we won’t meet up at another scene earlier, but if we do, so be it.”

Cringing at going to yet another massacre of a young man, Dave’s good mood vanished. “Hopefully not.”

“Don’t worry. You won’t dream about it. Get some sleep.”

“Thanks. See ya soon.” He hung up and stared at the phone. “I better not dream about it,” he warned himself. Then he reclined again on the sofa and stared at the idiot box, trying not to think dreadful thoughts.

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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Breaking the Rules by Sage Burnett

Another man in uniform here! But can he keep his cool when this vivacious woman manages to break not only a few laws but also past this deputy's surly demeanor?

Take a break to find out!


Breaking the Rules
by Sage Burnett

Publisher: Phaze
ISBN 1-59426-463-5
Genre: Erotica/Romance
Length: Heatsheet

Price: $2

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What happens when Montana law enforcement officer, Deputy David Burton, a stickler for following the rules, runs head first into Holly Ames, a provocative redhead that has a tendency to bend the rules? The redhead not only infuriates him because of her nonchalant attitude about breaking the law, she also makes his blood run hot with lust and carnal desire.

Holly Ames isn't a criminal, she's merely a free spirit. The hunky, go by the book deputy ignites erotic yearnings burning deep inside of her. Holly knows she can't keep disregarding the law to see the studly deputy again, so she comes up with a plan. Will Holly's seductive scheme entice the sexy cop into her bed?


Back molars ground together for the third time since stopping her. "Ms. Ames," he repeated.

"I'm going to issue you a written warning this time." He'd buckled and damned if it didn't piss him off. "Next time, I'll issue you a citation."

Another bright smile lit up her face. If she didn't stop smiling at him, he'd damn well issue her a ticket for harassing an officer of the law. For the first time he noticed a small dimple in her left cheek. Just one, not two, which made the one dimple all the more sexier.

Straightening to his full height, he flipped open the ticket pad and proceeded to write out a warning.

"That's so generous of you, Deputy. I wouldn't want to ruin my good driving record."

Without looking at her, he said. "You will if you keep speeding."

"This was a one time thing."

His gaze darted down, noticing the innocent expression on Holly's face. Yeah, right. He had no doubt a woman like Holly Ames always got her way with men. Add another notch to her belt concerning him. If he didn't stop grinding his teeth together so tight, he might ending up cracking them.

David signed the slip and tore it off the pad. Bending down, he held it out. Holly took the paper without a word. Not giving the written warning the attention it deserved, she tossed it on the passenger seat, which added to his teeth grinding problem.

"Thank you, Deputy Burton."

If she smiled at him again, he would demand the warning back and write out a real ticket. Holly seemed to sense his mood because her expression turned serious. "I promise to behave." Several seconds later a twinkle sparked in those green eyes. "Scout's honor."

"No walking on the lake."

Placing her hand on her chest, she looked at him. "Oh...please. I learned my lesson the other day."


Their eyes locked and held like two magnets stuck together. Before he had a full fledged hard-on, David straightened away from the vehicle. She poked her head out the window, cheeks painted a becoming pink.

"Have a great day, Deputy."

Jaw tightening, he said through clenched teeth. "Keep to the limit."

"Yes, sir."


By creating characters who steal your heart and also giving them intriguing storylines, the books by Sage Burnett constantly satisfy her readers. In this story about a strict police officer and a carefree woman, the situations which arise around them are frequently amusing yet sometimes rather frightening. Several of the situations had me chuckling, especially when the unsaid thoughts of the characters are divulged. Though neither David nor Holly let their innermost thoughts be spoken aloud, their actions regularly reveal how they truly feel about the other, sometimes with fiery results. The instance David is met, I was drawn to his take charge attitude which hid the more relaxed side he never wanted disclosed. Holly, on the other hand, seemed to not have a care in the world, but she actually often felt vulnerable. Ms. Burnett certainly knows how to give readers a well-developed story, one full of sincere emotions, combustible sexual tension and heated passions. BREAKING THE RULES combines a heartfelt romance with passionate moments and the perfect humorous situations to create a stirring story.
Written by Amelia Richard of Senual eCataromance

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Straw into Gold by Nina Merrill

Publisher: Amber Quill
ISBN: 978-1-60272-133-3
Genre: Erotic Fairy Tale / Fantasy / Witchcraft / Magic / Historical / Rubenesque / Voyeurism
Length: Novella

When the king overhears Bella's drunken father boasting of her prowess with spindle and wheel, he imprisons her until she spins straw into gold. If she cannot do as her father claims, her life will be forfeit.

Desperate to keep her head, Bella makes a series of bargains with a voyeuristic kobold, who will spin the straw into gold—for a price. Bella has nothing to trade. Nothing, that is, except her body.

The handsome captain of the guard also desires Bella from the moment he arrests her. At first, Rumpelstiltskin is content to watch the intimate encounters between Bella and her captain, but soon enough, he wants to touch, and then to taste. And the king, whose greed calls for more and more gold, is also interested in this quick-thinking, sexy lass.

Bella can't tell which would be worse: losing her head, losing her heart, or the depraved touch of the kobold...
Excerpt: (from publisher website)

...He’d come for her, just as I’d thought he would. I’d expected a longer chase, but she played the coquette for only a few minutes before he kissed her.

She liked leather, did sweet Bella. Her hands went to those long boots time and again. They undressed each other turnabout. He untied her sash and tossed it aside before unlacing her. His forefinger tugged at the drawstring neck of her gown and his hands delved within, surfacing with those heavy, rich breasts cupped one in each palm. Her chest heaved as though she’d run all the way from the mountains, and when his thumbs rubbed back and forth over her peaking nipples, her eyes closed and she groaned aloud. My cock, already hard, pulsed to hear her voice thickened with passion.

They were too self-absorbed to hear me breathing heavily high in the shadowed rafters. I slipped to the center of the room, where I had a better view. I settled into the angle where a crossbeam met a pair of trusses, and opened my cod.

The gown was loose enough that, without its bindings, a simple shrug sent it puddling around her ankles where she stood in the pale gold of the straw.

Her skin was flawless, except for a small sprinkling of freckles on the angle of her shoulder blade. The silk of her hair, the color of rusty iron ore, hung loose down her back. He put his hands in it and lifted it forward, arranging it carefully over her breasts, only to explore their peaks through the long strands with his mouth. Bella caught hold of his shoulders as if his mouth on her nipples—the nipples that would have made warm, sweet milk for me, had she only agreed, the bitch—took the strength from her legs. I held fast to the nearest truss with one hand, while I wrapped the other around my rigid cock.

After a few moments of this nuzzling, she lifted his head from her breasts and began stripping the leather laces from the placket of his shirt. He laughed at her impatience, but did not help her. When the neck was loose enough to pass over his head, she knelt at his feet, rising slowly with the hem of his shirt in her hands, bundling the fabric as she rose. He obliged when she murmured, “Lift your arms.” His linen shirt joined the pile of clothes, and she kicked away her gown when it tangled around her feet. The whiteness of her pantalettes glowed, but against her skin the cloth looked harsh.

Her mouth followed her hands.

She kissed her way upward, from his navel along the furred furrow of his midline. She caught first one nipple in her mouth—biting, from the look of him as he gritted his teeth and clenched his hands in her hair—and then the other.

She was no innocent, was lovely Bella. She knew that a little sting made the wet heat of her mouth something dangerous but irresistible.
I slowly stroked my cock from base to leaking tip. Just one stroke. More, and my pleasure would not keep pace with theirs, and I could be discovered. It grew and firmed under that one touch, and I panted hard.
When his shirt was gone, she turned her attention to his codpiece. The closing was complicated, it seemed, but then I saw she was teasing him, brushing her hands over the fabric, scraping her nails around each button. His pelvis jerked toward her with every touch, and she laughed softly.

It was a wicked laugh.

A knowing laugh.

The laugh of a woman who knew how to fuck, and liked it...

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