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Demon's Triad by December Quinn & Anna J. Evans

Sorry for the break. Deadlines can be a bitch. However, I've enjoyed browsing through the publishers to create a new list of books I've found. Some are familiar authors, some new. All in a variety of genres. Keep stopping by to see what book I've posted for the day.
The book today looks very intriguing and is on my list for the next spending trip to Ellora's Cave.

Demon's Triad
By December Quinn & Anna J Evans

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
ISBN #9781419912542
Genre : Paranormal / Menage a trois or More Book Length: Plus Novel

Price: $6.49 (e-book)


What's a witch to do when her coven has been cursed with a celibacy spell?

Break it. By any means necessary. Aleeza dips into gray magic to scratch the itch that's been driving her crazy. She never dreams deviating from the "white magic only" policy of her coven will land her in the middle of a serial-murder investigation…or in the arms of two magnetic men.

Ferrin and Dorand plan to find their woman's murderers and make them pay — with their lives. But when a spell to communicate with her spirit awakens a forbidden lust, their quest to catch a killer becomes even deadlier. A legacy of demonic evil two thousand years in the making is about to begin. One misstep and innocent passion becomes tainted desire, and three true lovers…a demon's triad.

Reader Advisory: Contains scenes of male/male sexual contact. This book is not for the faint of heart and contains non-gratuitous scenes of rape and incest.

EXCERPT: (from publisher's site)

“Can we just get to the briefing so I can go home and clean up before I head into enemy territory?” All that training paid off. Lies came so easily to her now.

“They’re not my favorite coven either, but they’re the client and I expect you to treat them with respect. Amiantos might not be our friends, but neither are they the enemy.”

“They might as well be.”

“You can’t really believe that, Al. Sometimes it works out between the Gunera and the Amiantos. Just because your father—”

“Damn it, Gavyn, are you going to brief me or not?” She stood up, anger suddenly boiling in her chest. How dare he, how dare he talk like this? Who did he think he was? She wanted to hit him, to punch him, to slice his throat with her nails and let his blood run—the desire was so strong for a minute she thought she’d done it. She saw Gavyn’s limp body on the floor, saw herself standing over him, laughing, sucking his power into her body…

What the hell?!

“Aleeza? Aleeza! Are you okay?” Gavyn’s hands squeezed her arms so hard it hurt. Her vision cleared and she saw that his face, only inches away from hers, was thankfully unmarked. Had she really seen that? Goddess, had she really imagined doing something so terrible to Gavyn, her coven leader, her friend?
Her legs shook as she sank back into the chair. “I’m fine.”

“You don’t look fine.”

“I am, I’m just…I’m just tired. Could you get me something to drink, please? Preferably something with caffeine?”

“Caffeine might not be a good idea if you’re unbalanced today,” he said, actually looking as if he might regret having given her such a hard time. “I have—”

“Just anything. Please.” Please, let him leave her alone for a minute. He needed to leave her alone for a minute. Because the image of his broken body still shone in her head like a bright new penny and she had no idea why, but the thought of hurting him made her pussy throb.

Something was definitely wrong, horribly wrong.

The feeling of foreboding didn’t disappear when Gavyn brought her some orange juice and started briefing her on the new job.

“Three witches murdered,” he said. “All on Fire Festivals. The first was Rimer Lorcan, at the Spring Equinox. Rimer was a loner, a petty criminal. He’d been covenless for years, and pissed off more people, super and human, than you can count on two hands. Everyone assumed it was a revenge killing until they did postmortem.” The picture she pulled from the file was so lurid with blood Aleeza had to close her eyes for a second. “They found evidence of ritual murder. Magical symbols carved into his organs—the ones they didn’t take, anyway.”

Aleeza swallowed hard.

“Next was Carantha Smoler, on Beltane. This one was better documented than the first, more pictures, close ups of the symbols in the organs.” A picture of a woman’s battered, broken body seemed to leap out of the file at Aleeza. Tears sprang to her eyes. The woman was lovely—had been lovely. For a moment it was almost as if she could see her smiling, laughing…Aleeza shook her head. She was more tired than she’d thought. She’d never had psychic flashes like these before.

Unless the sex spell had opened her up somehow. She didn’t even want to think about that, couldn’t think about things like that until she was far away from Gavyn.

Whatever that odd flash was, it didn’t happen with the next picture.

“Lymera Brown.” Gavyn shifted on the arm of her chair. “Lammas. The Amiantos have no leads. Since the murders all took place in the forest, they’ve been the ones responsible for investigating, even though only two of the victims—Rimer and Carantha—were theirs. Lymera was Phillias coven, but she was going to marry an Amiantos, so they feel she was theirs too.”

“And now they want us to find the killer?”

Gavyn nodded. “Not only that. They want us to prevent the next murder, which if the perps follow their pattern will take place on Samhain…not quite a month away.”

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