Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Taken by Lillian Feisty

I purchased this book as a matter of research. I’ve got a story in mind/working on that I’d like to submit as a Spice Brief at eHarlequin. I very much enjoy reading ménage a trios and that’s the genre of my WIP.

Now, I grew up reading my mother’s Harlequin romance collection. Sweet love stories that never used the words cock, clit, fuck, or any other word that I now use in my erotic romance stories. I am glad to see this new erotic line introduced as it’s brought this delicious threesome story into my collection.

I’m not a big fan of Vegas stories. Yeah, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Can’t that be anywhere though? However, Chloe’s naughty adventure intrigued me. I felt Ms. Feisty created Chloe realistically. She was nervous, excited, and aroused by the prospect of actually having a threesome. Something she had planned with Walker and Jo before hand. Speaking of the hunks…*whew* Yeah, can they come to my home for a night?

The voyeurism in this book was sexy as hell creating an erotic setting throughout the entire book. There was also an undercurrent of some male on male attraction between Jo and Walker. Chloe, having met them at a Chef Convention six months prior, noticed a closeness to their interactions with each other, however she never really pegged the exact nature of their relationship. As a gay erotic romance writer myself, this only sweetened the pot for me. There were no uncomfortable moments as the men lavished their “attentions” on Chloe or uneasiness, as their bodies were sure to touch as they were together. It also didn't have a happily ever after ending, but a happy for now ending. Does this mean we'll see more of this trio? I wouldn't be opposed to it :)

As the title of this line says, this is a Brief. Not long, but enough to get the heart pumping and blood heating. It gave me confidence and hope for my own WIP. So if you get a moment, check it out. You won’t regret it!

By Lillian Feisty

ISBN: 9781426818639
Genre: Erotic Romance/Ménage a Trois/Spice Brief line

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They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But for Chloe, life in “Sin City” has been all business without a hint of the adventure and naughtiness alluded to in that slogan. Until now! With Walker and Jo in town, Chloe’s about to end her long dry spell and live her ultimate fantasy--a ménage a trois with the two sexiest men she knows. As the three of them plunge into wild sexual exploration with passion and inventiveness, Chloe soon discovers what new heights of sensuality can be experienced when so many hands, lips and organs work together to drive her beyond the limits of ecstasy.

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