Saturday, June 21, 2008

Eternal Pleasure by Nina Bangs

I was lucky enough to be included in an ARC (advanced reading copy) giveaway for this story by this most Fabulous author!

You've heard of were--wolves, cats, horses and countless others. Now you can add Dinosaurs to the list too. But they don't shift by normal means, no, they use the layers of their 65 million year old souls.

God-like beings calling themselves the Lords of Time have come forth to cause chaos and distruction. Only there's a hitch, it's hands off the dominent spieces of Earth, being us lucky little humans. So they brib, lie and promise everything under the moon to gain blood-lusting minions in the the forms of demons, vamps, and anything were to do their dirty work for them.

Hence the need for The Eleven. These dangerous, dark yet uber-sexy men have been charged with keeping the balance of Earth's population at its status quo while taming their dino urges and 'learning' to become human. Something human females are bound to be glad to help out with...once they get over the whole scare factor.

Like one Kelly Maloy, she knows she should stay away from bad boy Ty, but the money her job pays to drive him around is as tempting as the man himself. And if he has a few quarks well they can work around them or she'll learn to live with them as they're the one thing that'll help them both save the world from the evil Nine.

I highly recommend this series. Not only is Kelly and Ty's romance an adventure of its own, but the whole concept is highly entertaining...and the secondary characters--i.e. Lust-inducing men with dino souls--are truly worth a peek at and looking forward to getting to know!


by Nina Bangs

"Gods of the Night" series, Book 1

July 2008Dorchester

ISBN-10: 0843959533ISBN-13: 978-0843959536

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THE ELEVEN—an alliance of ultimate predators. Primal, lethal, irresistible.

THE PROPHECY—an ancient Mayan prediction that the world will end on 12-21-12.

THE PREY—where can you hide from pure evil?

Kelly Maloy opens her car door to much more than a great looking stranger at the Houston airport. Terror, desire, and a horrible truth climb in with him. She’s only supposed to drive Ty Endeka around the city for a few weeks. Too bad no one tells her that once day fades she’ll become part of a battle fought in the darkened streets with an enemy that isn’t human. And the sensual man who feeds her fantasies hides a soul that gives new meaning to animal magnetism.

Eleven Gods of the Night…

The only creatures more deadly are the ones they’ve been summoned to destroy.

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Liane Gentry Skye said...

The buzz from everyone who has read the ARC on this book has been outstanding. It just shot up to the top of my TBR list. :)

It will be my first Nina Bangs book, so I'm really looking forward to it.