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Change of Plans by Jamie Hill

The theme for this book is What if your fantasy became a reality? Could you deal with the mysterious consequences both hot and sexy or dangerous and scary? That is the question Ms. Jamie Hill poses us in this climaxingly entertaining read.

I can't wait to see what she has for me with her next story! Be it from any of the genres she chooses to write in they're all a fantastic way to spend time enjoy a new world. Ms. Jamie is truly a wonderful person and excellent writer so take the time and get to know her yourself!


Change of Plans by Jamie Hill

ISBN: 978-1-59426-852-6
Publisher: Phaze
Genre: Contemporary
Length: 42 pages


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A blizzard paralyzes Denver, stranding spring break traveler Kelsie Stanton with an airport full of strangers. One man in particular captures her attention. She spends the first night sitting up and talking with handsome Tom Smith. When she's finally able to get a hotel room, Kelsie and Tom act on the passions that brewed all night long.

TV weather reports are interspersed with breaking news of an escaped convict, loose in the area. She vaguely realizes that the description fits Tom perfectly, but Kelsie is overwhelmed with passion and a serious case of lust. Will she discover the truth before it's too late?hjjvj


Kelsie Stanton stared at the flight schedule screen, not believing her eyes. Flight 232 to Chicago, delayed. Flight 1924 to San Antonio, delayed. Most importantly, flight 1746 to St. Petersburg, Florida, delayed. It was snowing, but she didn't realize the weather was bad enough to cause all the delays. Not one flight appeared to be leaving on time.

She approached the ticket counter, where a dozen other people fired questions at the clerk. "When will the Chicago flight be leaving? We were supposed to be boarding by now." An angry-looking man pounded his fist on the counter.

"Do you know how long before they'll give clearance?" Someone else asked, and the clerk raised her hands with a shrug.

"Please, everyone." The uniformed woman tried to gain control. "The snow isn't letting up, and several more inches are expected. We haven't been told when flights will be taking off again. Unless the weather cooperates, it might not be tonight."

"Not tonight!" Several frustrated people echoed her words.

Kelsie moved away from the crowd. She doubted the clerk could give her any information. She'd just have to sit down and wait the storm out. Pulling her rolling carry-on behind her and clutching a backpack, which held her purse and other valuables, she found a seat near a television tuned to the weather.

"It's the third crippling blizzard Denver has seen this season," the announcer stated. "With seven inches on the ground and another foot anticipated, the airport, having already closed twice in the month of December, may be looking at another shutdown."

"Oh, for Pete's sake!" Kelsie pulled her cellular phone from her bag and dialed home. "Hey Mom," she said when she heard the pick-up. "Have you seen the weather?"

"Kelsie, thank goodness! Where are you? There's a blizzard out there. They've closed Interstate Seventy west of Russell."

"I'm at the airport in Denver, Mom. It looks like I may be here for a while. My flight's delayed, with no indication when it'll be leaving."

"At least you're safe. I was worried you might still be on the road."

"Nope, I made it. It wasn't snowing that hard when I left Kansas. It got worse the farther west I drove. I still didn't think it was bad enough to ground planes."

"They know what they're doing. I'd rather have you safe, then flying in this mess."

She chuckled. "You'd rather have me home than going to Florida for spring break, admit it."

"I didn't mind you going," her mother said hesitantly, but Kelsie knew it was a lie. Since her father died ten years ago, her mother had been extremely over-protective. It got worse right before she went off to college at Kansas State University. The school was only two hours from home, but it was located in a city much bigger than the rural town she grew up in. Her mother tended to be paranoid. She said she knew what kind of things happened in big cities, to which Kelsie could only chuckle. Everything that could happen to her in a bigger city had already happened to her in McPherson.

"Look, Mom," she said into the phone. "I'm going to sit here and watch the weather. I'll keep my phone on, and let you know when something changes."

"Okay honey," her mother replied nervously. "You should call your cousin Cheryl and let her know you've been delayed. She was planning to meet your plane."

"Yes, I will. Thanks Mom. I'll talk to you soon."

"I love you, Kels. Be safe."

"I will. Don't worry. Bye, Mom." She disconnected the call and shoved the phone back into her bag. Her cousin wasn't expecting her for hours. If she waited to call, she might have news.

A loud group of about eight guys passed in front of her, depositing their carry-on bags in the empty seats next to hers. "Go find out what's going on!" One of them slurred to another, and Kelsie rolled her eyes. Great. Drunken college guys. She really hoped they weren't on her plane, headed to Florida and the same spring break destination she'd booked. They were rowdy and obnoxious, and she could smell booze on them.

"Hey beautiful!" One of the noisy group, a greasy-haired beanpole of a guy, dropped into the seat next to hers. "Do you believe in love at first sight, or do I need to walk by again?"

She looked at him with disbelief. "Does that line ever work?"

He grinned. "I guess not this time. Hi, I'm Dave. What's your name?"

"Not Interested. Susie Not Interested."

"Hi Susie!" He turned to one of his nearby cohorts. "Jeff, this is Susie Not Interested."

"You moron!" Jeff hooted. "Not interested! Get it?" He cackled and the rest of his group laughed raucously.

Dave had a strange look on his face as he repeated her name to himself, and then muttered "D'oh!"

A man appeared from out of nowhere. He lifted Dave by one arm and scooted him towards his group. "Off you go, Dave. That's a good boy." He dropped into the now-vacant seat. "I'm guessing it isn't Susie, either." His gaze met hers.

She smiled nervously. "No, it's not. Thanks." Her instincts told her to gather her things and move to another row, but there was something intriguing about her new seatmate. His dark hair was buzzed into a short military-cut style, but his three-day beard growth didn't say Army. It said something more like bad boy, and Kelsie couldn't resist a good bad boy.

His brown eyes twinkled as he looked at her expectantly.

For some reason she murmured, "Kelsie. My name is Kelsie."


Change of Plans was an amazing story! Full of romance, passion, action and adventure, this is a must read for everyone. I was engrossed from the very first page and I was terrified of what the outcome would be. Jamie Hill has an marvelous talent of keeping readers enthralled and dying to know what's going to happen next. Kelsie has always been raised a "good girl" so it was nice to have her wickedness come to the forefront when she took a chance on Tom. I have to say, Tom struck me kind of funny...I wasn't sure if he was truly a good guy or a masterful liar. The ending completely caught me by surprise and that just makes me want to read more of Jamie Hill's books very soon!

Written by
Manic Reader's Reviewer: Amanda

Change of Plans details a fantasy many of us have of meeting someone and falling into a sexual encounter the likes of which we never imagined. Yet it also hints at some of the dangers inherent in that type of fantasy. Doubts about just who Tom is fill Kelsie’s mind and as the “evidence” seems to stack up against him, Kelsie starts to doubt her instincts even though sexually he has given her more than she ever imagined. Change of Plans is full of subtle twists and turns that grabs your attention rights from the start and keeps it throughout.

Written by Sensual eCataromance Reviewer: Trang Black

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