Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nothing But Trouble by Jamie Hill

This story came to me at a difficult time in my life. Part of the situations mirrored my own life so closely that it was difficult to keep my mind straight on the editing. The emotions from the writing were beautiful yet heartbreaking to read, as I too had to watch my mother rapidly succumb to cancer. But I forged ahead and I'm so happy I did. Seeing Adrian and Graham come to terms and struggle with their love and eventual relationship was a thrill. Ms. Hill has written another exquisite short story for us to enjoy.


Nothing But Trouble
by Jamie Hill

Publisher: Phaze


Genre: m/m, contemparary

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Adrian Scott doesn't expect to fall in love with his employer after spending one night with him. Graham Elliott is handsome and exciting, a very wealthy man, not in Adrian 's league. But their night together was intoxicating, and Adrian can't shake the thought of making a life with this older man. As per their arrangement, they have two more nights together. Will that be enough time to convince his boss they belong together, or will the deal prove to be nothing but trouble?


“I want you to spend the night with me. I’ll pay you ten thousand dollars.”

Adrian Scott blinked, wondering if his employer was serious. He’d never heard of such an offer, except in the movies. “Excuse me?”

“Do you really need me to repeat myself, or are you simply mulling my proposal over?” The man’s bright blue eyes twinkled. He always seemed to have a spark of mischief about him, along with a genuine smile that he displayed often. Today was no different. He seemed amused by Adrian’s reaction to his shocking statement.

Adrian had always found the man attractive, but never let his thoughts go past that. He ignored the thick, wavy blond hair, and handsome, chiseled face. The muscular physique of the man’s body looked like it belonged to someone in his twenties, rather than forties, making it hard to ignore. But Graham Elliott was not only his boss; he was also a very wealthy man. Way out of my league. Elliott owned the Las Vegas casino where Adrian worked as a waiter and sometimes bartender.

Tending bar was more prestigious and paid better, but nothing could beat the tips waiters made on busy nights. He’d pocketed several hundred dollars on many occasions. To Adrian, it was all about the money.

“What about Celina?” He was curious how Elliott’s live-in girlfriend might feel about the proposed arrangement. A stacked beauty— she had flowing red hair, tits out to there—and was a fixture around the casino. She and Elliott shared the penthouse apartment, which by all accounts was one incredible showplace. Adrian wouldn’t know; the man’s grand office was the closest he’d ever gotten to his employer.

Elliott flexed his fingers. “Celina and I have an understanding. I don’t worry about how much she spends on her daily shopping sprees, and she doesn’t worry if I don’t come home at night. I keep a suite on the floor below the penthouse for, shall we say, special occasions.”

Heat flushed through Adrian’s body. He knew his face was probably bright red. Even with the year-round tan afforded him by the strong Nevada sun; he blushed like an idiot when embarrassed. “Is that what I am? A special occasion?”

“I hope so. I’ve been watching you, Adrian. I like the way you look in the tight, black pants you wear to work. Makes me very interested to find out what lies beneath.”

His mind raced. He wasn’t seeing anyone, so that wouldn’t be a problem. But he really liked his job, and worried that if things didn’t go right, he might suddenly find himself out of work. “I’m concerned this could interfere with my job.”

“If you say no? Of course it won’t. All I ask is your discretion. Keep quiet, and things go on as usual. If I discover you’ve told anyone about our conversation, you’ll certainly be let go.”

It occurred to Adrian, he’d never considered saying no. “And if I say yes?”

A slow smile spread across Elliott’s face. “Nothing that happens between us will put your job in jeopardy. Again, all I ask is discretion—and a blood test. Hate to be crass, but I need to see the paperwork from a test done on today’s date, or after. I’ll provide you the same courtesy.”

Adrian looked him in the eye. “And fifty thousand dollars.”

The man’s eyebrows rose.

“For two nights. Eight at night to eight in the morning, I’m all yours.”

Squinting before he nodded, Elliott added, “I’ll accept those terms, in part. Make it three nights, and you’ve got yourself a deal.”

Adrian stood. “Agreed.” He extended his hand.

Graham Elliott took his time rising and reaching out to shake. His hand was warm, his grip firm.
The man squeezed his fingers, making a tingle zip down Adrian’s spine. He imagined those strong hands caressing other parts of his body. It was enough to harden his cock, right there in the office. He tried to speak, but his mouth was dry.

Releasing his grasp, Elliott reached for a business card. “Call me when you’ve got the paperwork. We’ll arrange a date to meet.”

“I will.” He tucked the card into his pocket. “Thank you, sir.”

With another nod and a very quick wink, Elliott turned and walked out the back door.

Adrian glanced around the office, taking a moment to compose himself before returning to the casino floor. Who would have thought it? Graham Elliott was gay—or perhaps bisexual, if he’d sampled the wares Celina flaunted around the bar and gaming tables. It was an incredible turn of events. And perhaps the most amazing stroke of luck he’d ever encountered.

* * * *

There was an inexpensive clinic near the Vegas strip where Adrian had his blood tested regularly. He didn’t mind doing it again for Elliott, actually thought it was a pretty astute request. He’d still ask for condoms, but since the boss was paying, he wasn’t sure how much control he’d have over the situation.

Dressing for their ‘date’, the whole thing felt surreal. It had taken two days for the test results, another five before Elliott had the time to schedule him in. Adrian wasn’t sure if he felt more like a whore, or a piece of meat. Either way, he’d get over it. He’d never sold his body before, but fifty thousand dollars was a lot of money. First time for everything.

Showering and dressing carefully, he poured himself into the tightest black slacks he owned and a crisp white shirt with the casino logo on the chest. He didn’t have to dress as if he were going to work, but it felt like he was. Besides, he could explain his presence there more easily if he looked like he was working.

After shampooing, his thick black hair sprang into tight ringlets. Adrian had always liked his curls, and in high school, discovered the girls liked them, too. Trouble was, that was about the same time he realized he didn’t like girls. Guys wearing tight skivvies in the locker room turned him on, and he had to be careful not to show it.

Running gel through his hair, he let it dry naturally. Satisfied with his appearance, he took a moment to phone his mother before leaving. He tried to check in with her every day, and felt guilty cutting the call short. It was seven-thirty, and it’d take fifteen minutes to walk to the casino. There were times he wished he had a car, but he usually enjoyed walking. He was glad not to have many expenses. His tiny room in the run-down boarding house was evidence of that.

Walking toward the strip, he allowed his mind to wander about how he’d like to spend fifty thousand dollars. A nice apartment with clean hallways and plenty of hot water topped his list. A sporty Harley Davidson motorcycle would be great transportation in the city that never slept. Both were fantasies. The money was already spent. He had no illusions about that.

He spotted the Graham’s Aces casino a block away. The sheer magnitude of the building sent a chill through him, as it always did whenever he paused long enough to admire it. Imagine having enough money to own that. It was mind boggling, and rather than dwell on his miserable lot in life, he walked on.

As instructed, he found Elliott’s assistant, who would take him up in the hotel’s private elevator. He’d seen Carmen Gray around the casino; a blonde knockout like her was hard to miss. She’d always seemed efficient, right there on top of Elliott’s business needs. He’d wondered once if that was the only thing she was on top of. He chuckled now at the misconception. Perhaps she was there purposely, another cog in Elliott’s wheel of deception.

She greeted him pleasantly, but skipped the small talk as the elevator ascended. Adrian longed to ask her how many other men she’d escorted to the private suite, but thought better of it. She wouldn’t tell him, and he really didn’t want to know.

“First door on your left,” she instructed, when the lift glided to a stop.

“Thank you.” He stepped out, and the doors started to close between them.

“Have a nice evening,” she said softly, before disappearing.

“You too.” It was meaningless, she was gone. His nerves jangled, and he stood there staring, as if she might come back.

Several minutes passed before he moved. His watch read eight p.m., it was time to knock. Two sharp raps on the door she’d pointed out, and then Adrian waited. His heart thumped so loudly, he hoped people on other floors couldn’t hear it.

Graham Elliott opened the door wearing a deep blue silk robe. “Good evening. Come in.”

“Thank you. Hope I’m not late.” He stepped into the suite, and the man closed the door behind him.

“Right on time. I was opening a bottle of wine. I thought perhaps we could enjoy it in the hot tub.”

“Allow me.” Adrian moved to the bar, slipping in behind, where he felt more at ease. He picked up the smoky-colored bottle. “A very nice vintage.”

“I like it. Hopefully, you will, too.”

He worked the cork loose, setting it aside. Pouring the red liquid into two glasses, he put the bottle down, and looked up. “I’m sure it’ll be great.”

Elliott chuckled. “Why do I think we’re not talking about wine anymore? You look so nervous, Adrian. Relax. I’m not into anything kinky.”

His heart skipped a beat and he knew his eyes widened. How naive was that? That idea hadn’t entered his mind. He’d never done anything kinky, ever. It would have been one hell of a surprise if Elliott liked whips and chains, or something equally unusual. “That’s a relief.”

“I’m sorry. We should have talked specifics—”

“Not necessary.” He shook his head. “Oh, this is for you.” Adrian pulled the blood test results from his pocket and handed the paper over.

“Thanks. Here’s mine.” Elliott reached into his robe, retrieving a similar slip. “I’m assuming we’re all good.” He pocketed Adrian’s paper without looking at it.

“We are.” He did the same with his employer’s results. Not looking at it seemed like a sign of trust, one he didn’t want to breech. Picking up the two glasses, he looked in the man’s eyes.

“Where shall I take these?”

“The hot tub is on the balcony.” He led the way through a large living area, decorated in the hotel colors of maroon, black and white.

It was more spacious than Adrian’s whole apartment. He found it rather gaudy for such an obviously expensive suite. The hotel didn’t want people spending time in their rooms, though. The casino was where they made their money. “This is amazing,” he said politely, as they passed into the large bedroom.

“It’s okay. Sometimes I get tired of seeing the same colors every day. A little purple might be nice. Vivid splashes of orange here and there.” He stepped through a double set of sliding glass doors, onto a large balcony off the bedroom. A roomy hot tub was waiting for them, water steaming and bubbling. The tub looked big enough for six people, or two who wanted to spread out. It had thick, padded rails. Adrian smiled at the man’s words.

Setting the wine glasses on the edge of the tub, he turned to Elliott. “You’re going to love this.” Holding the man’s gaze, he unbuttoned his shirt and tossed it aside.

“I already do.”

“Hang on.” Kicking off his shoes and socks, he unfastened his slacks and lowered them.
Elliott blinked, and burst into laughter.

“Not the reaction I usually hope for, but this time it’s okay.” Adrian glanced down at his purple and orange briefs. He looked back up at his boss, a grin on his face.

“That’s priceless. I guess it goes to show, I almost always get what I want.”

“Almost?” Adrian looked at the man.

Elliott stared back, a lustful expression on his face. “Never say never, or always. But, I do know—I’m getting what I want tonight.” His gaze dropped to Adrian’s briefs, and stayed there.
Blatant desire in the older man’s eyes caused his cock to stir. It’d been a long time since anyone had looked at him so hungrily. The thought aroused him, and his briefs tented uncomfortably. “These are getting pretty tight. I should probably take them off.”

“Please do.” He watched Adrian lower the garment, kicking it away. Satisfaction gleamed in the man’s eyes as he examined the erection that sprang up before him. “Very nice. Better than I’d imagined.”

Adrian stepped into the warm water. “You’ve imagined what I looked like naked?” The thought surprised him.

Elliott chuckled. “Don’t look so shocked. I’ve had my eye on you for quite some time.” He peeled off his robe and sank into the hot tub.

Catching a quick peek of tanned torso and thick cock, Adrian raised his eyebrows. “Interesting.” He’d had no idea his employer thought about him that way. It was disconcerting, but flattering, in a slightly creepy way. He reached for the wine glasses, handing one to Elliott.

“Thanks.” He raised his glass in the air. “I always like to toast to…possibilities.”

Adrian tapped his glass against the other. “To possibilities.” He sipped, allowing the wine to pool in his mouth a moment before swallowing. “Very nice.”

“I’m glad you approve. So, Adrian, tell me about yourself. Where are you from?”

“I grew up in southern California. My parents and I moved here when I was in sixth grade. My father had always wanted to deal blackjack. He worked as a dealer for ten years, before he died.”

“I’m so sorry.” Elliott watched his face as he spoke. “How did he die?”

“Lung cancer. Back in the day, no one minded smoking in the casinos. When my father wasn’t smoking on his break, he was inhaling fumes in the gaming room while he worked. Not sure his lungs would have recognized fresh air.”

“I remember those days. I smoked for a few years, myself. Now, I can’t stand the odor.”
“I hear you.” Adrian tossed back the last of his wine.

“So what about your mother? How is she getting along? Does she work?”

“Mr. Elliott, I’m not that comfortable talking about my family. Besides, I don’t think you brought me here for small talk.”

Elliott shrugged slightly, then nodded. He finished his wine and set the glass aside. “Just making polite conversation.”

Adrian looked him in the eye. “I’m simply telling you, you don’t have to. Be polite, that is.”
“Whatever you say.” With a shrug, the man was on him, pressing his shoulders back against the edge of the tub. His mouth found Adrian’s and both opened at the same time, tongues darting, tasting.

Adrian groaned as the kiss deepened. He couldn’t move his hands so he thrust his hips forward, cock rubbing against the other man’s leg.

“Oh, yeah,” Elliott murmured as he took a breath. “As luscious as these lips are, there’s something else I’ve been dying to taste.” He pressed his leg into Adrian’s groin.

“Whatever you desire,” Adrian replied breathily.

Elliott’s mouth moved lower, tracing a wet path down the jaw to his neck. “It’s a good thing we have all night, then. Because I desire you, Adrian. All of you.”

Elliott suckled one of his flat nipples, sending a shiver down his spine. All night sounded good to him, too. The man grazed the wizened nub with his teeth, moving to the other side, forcing Adrian to inhale sharply. “I’m, uh, open to possibilities.”

Elliott chuckled, nuzzling his way down Adrian’s flat stomach. “If you’re not, I think you will be when I’m done here.” Stopping a moment to reposition Adrian’s legs, the older man raised him up so he floated on the top of the water. Elliott knelt and supported Adrian’s hips, so he had clear access to the flagpole of an erection sticking out of the water. “Oh, my,” he murmured, burying his nose in the coarse, dark pubic patch before touching anything else.

Adrian squirmed. The man obviously knew his way around a cock. His was rock hard and oozing pre-cum by the time Elliott finished teasing the surrounding area. “Please.”

“Mmm…please, what?” He sucked Adrian’s puckered ball sac into his mouth, rolling the orbs between his cheeks and tongue.

“Suck my cock.” Adrian could barely utter the words. The warm mouth felt so heavenly, he feared he might come the minute his rod finally received some attention. The teasing was torture; the outcome would undoubtedly be sheer bliss.

“Anxious, boy?” Elliott let his nose nudge the pulsing staff. “Mmm, you’re throbbing already. Tell me, Adrian, what’s your pleasure? Would you prefer to stick this gorgeous cock in my ass and fuck me with all your might? Or do you like to be on the receiving end? I’ve got ten inches I could ram into your sexy little hole and fuck you senseless.”

Another drop of sticky white seed pooled in the slit of his cock. Elliott’s tongue flicked out like a serpent and devoured it. Adrian gasped. “Oh, Jesus. I want both, sir.”

NOTHING BUT TROUBLE is a wonderfully sensual m/m romance. Jamie Hill really nailed all the emotions of the characters and kept me feeling like I was actually living their story. Adrian and Graham were so real to me. The romance is totally heartfelt, it has a very emotional story line, the sex scenes are divine and I was left with a feeling of utter completion after finishing this story. ~ Amanda, Dark Angel Review, 5 DAR Pixies


Throw two men together like Adrian and Graham and you get a very hot story. Jamie Hill puts a very different spin on the classic office romance story...Once you pick it up you won’t want it to end and you’ll only want to read more. ~April, Fallen Angel Reviews, 4 FAR Angels!