Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Taken by Lillian Feisty

I purchased this book as a matter of research. I’ve got a story in mind/working on that I’d like to submit as a Spice Brief at eHarlequin. I very much enjoy reading ménage a trios and that’s the genre of my WIP.

Now, I grew up reading my mother’s Harlequin romance collection. Sweet love stories that never used the words cock, clit, fuck, or any other word that I now use in my erotic romance stories. I am glad to see this new erotic line introduced as it’s brought this delicious threesome story into my collection.

I’m not a big fan of Vegas stories. Yeah, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Can’t that be anywhere though? However, Chloe’s naughty adventure intrigued me. I felt Ms. Feisty created Chloe realistically. She was nervous, excited, and aroused by the prospect of actually having a threesome. Something she had planned with Walker and Jo before hand. Speaking of the hunks…*whew* Yeah, can they come to my home for a night?

The voyeurism in this book was sexy as hell creating an erotic setting throughout the entire book. There was also an undercurrent of some male on male attraction between Jo and Walker. Chloe, having met them at a Chef Convention six months prior, noticed a closeness to their interactions with each other, however she never really pegged the exact nature of their relationship. As a gay erotic romance writer myself, this only sweetened the pot for me. There were no uncomfortable moments as the men lavished their “attentions” on Chloe or uneasiness, as their bodies were sure to touch as they were together. It also didn't have a happily ever after ending, but a happy for now ending. Does this mean we'll see more of this trio? I wouldn't be opposed to it :)

As the title of this line says, this is a Brief. Not long, but enough to get the heart pumping and blood heating. It gave me confidence and hope for my own WIP. So if you get a moment, check it out. You won’t regret it!

By Lillian Feisty

ISBN: 9781426818639
Genre: Erotic Romance/Ménage a Trois/Spice Brief line

Purchase HERE

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. But for Chloe, life in “Sin City” has been all business without a hint of the adventure and naughtiness alluded to in that slogan. Until now! With Walker and Jo in town, Chloe’s about to end her long dry spell and live her ultimate fantasy--a ménage a trois with the two sexiest men she knows. As the three of them plunge into wild sexual exploration with passion and inventiveness, Chloe soon discovers what new heights of sensuality can be experienced when so many hands, lips and organs work together to drive her beyond the limits of ecstasy.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Heart of the Wolf by Terry Spear

Earlier this year, I took two courses taught by author Terry Spear. She’s a great teacher and uses examples from her own fictional works and others to make her point. To me, that really helped me in her courses. However, reading snippets here and there made me want to read her paranormal book, Heart of the Wolf.

I’ll admit, I was slow to get into the book. It was well written and intrigued me, but whether it was just my mood at the time of starting it, or that I was just a little distracted with my own edits at the time, I didn’t want to give up on it. And I’m glad I didn’t.

Ms. Spear made me hate Volan, one of the villains while falling in love with the hero, Devlyn. *dreamy sigh* He and Bella are a couple made for each other even though they tried and tried to fight their attraction as the pack laws hung over their heads. Ms. Spear held me in suspense as to who the killer was. Every time I thought I knew who it was, she’d throw another wrench into the plot.

On top of it all, Ms. Spear made the lupus garou come to life. It was easy to see that she researched true behavior of wolves and weaved them into her red and gray wolves.

I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys shifter fiction and to anyone who wants my opinion. :)

Heart of the Wolf
By Terry Spear

Publisher: Sourcebooks
ISBN# 978-1-4022-1157-7

Can be purchased at Sourcebooks, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon

While searching for clues of a lupus garou who is killing women in the rainy Portland suburbs, Bella Wilder becomes the hunted. She had run away from the gray pack who had taken her in when she was she young. And she will do so again before the brutish pack leader can have her.

Devlyn Greystoke has a mission—return Bella to the gray pack for safekeeping before she exposes their kind and gets herself killed. But little red wolves are in short supply and high demand and Bella’s determined to be the bait to flush out the killer. Keeping her out of danger is only half the trouble Devlyn encounters as his compulsion to make her his mate grows and she fights being his, fearful the pack leader will kill him.

Volan Smith, the gray alpha leader, claimed Bella when she was young. Now that he has located her, he wants Bella back. And he will stop at nothing to have her.

Fallen Angels Review rated it 5 Angels and a Recommended Read

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Eternal Pleasure by Nina Bangs

I was lucky enough to be included in an ARC (advanced reading copy) giveaway for this story by this most Fabulous author!

You've heard of were--wolves, cats, horses and countless others. Now you can add Dinosaurs to the list too. But they don't shift by normal means, no, they use the layers of their 65 million year old souls.

God-like beings calling themselves the Lords of Time have come forth to cause chaos and distruction. Only there's a hitch, it's hands off the dominent spieces of Earth, being us lucky little humans. So they brib, lie and promise everything under the moon to gain blood-lusting minions in the the forms of demons, vamps, and anything were to do their dirty work for them.

Hence the need for The Eleven. These dangerous, dark yet uber-sexy men have been charged with keeping the balance of Earth's population at its status quo while taming their dino urges and 'learning' to become human. Something human females are bound to be glad to help out with...once they get over the whole scare factor.

Like one Kelly Maloy, she knows she should stay away from bad boy Ty, but the money her job pays to drive him around is as tempting as the man himself. And if he has a few quarks well they can work around them or she'll learn to live with them as they're the one thing that'll help them both save the world from the evil Nine.

I highly recommend this series. Not only is Kelly and Ty's romance an adventure of its own, but the whole concept is highly entertaining...and the secondary characters--i.e. Lust-inducing men with dino souls--are truly worth a peek at and looking forward to getting to know!


by Nina Bangs

"Gods of the Night" series, Book 1

July 2008Dorchester

ISBN-10: 0843959533ISBN-13: 978-0843959536

Watch the TrailerRead an Excerpt
Buy at Amazon.comBuy at Barnes & Noble

THE ELEVEN—an alliance of ultimate predators. Primal, lethal, irresistible.

THE PROPHECY—an ancient Mayan prediction that the world will end on 12-21-12.

THE PREY—where can you hide from pure evil?

Kelly Maloy opens her car door to much more than a great looking stranger at the Houston airport. Terror, desire, and a horrible truth climb in with him. She’s only supposed to drive Ty Endeka around the city for a few weeks. Too bad no one tells her that once day fades she’ll become part of a battle fought in the darkened streets with an enemy that isn’t human. And the sensual man who feeds her fantasies hides a soul that gives new meaning to animal magnetism.

Eleven Gods of the Night…

The only creatures more deadly are the ones they’ve been summoned to destroy.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Lascivious by Marty Rayne

I'm proud to announce my best friend and blog partner Marty Rayne's first book in print

'Lascivious' !!!

In one bound book you're treated with two of her best stories to date. For those of you who've enjoyed the e-book form will be glad to know these scintillating stories contain new and sizzling scenes just waiting for your naughty side to devour.

So let Marty Test your Passion with a Journey to the Dark Side!


Publisher: Phaze
ISBN 978-1-59426-686-7
Genre: Contemparary, BDSM
Price: $11

Journey to the Dark Side: Serial killer Dante is targeting submissive males who frequent a fetish club, The Dark Side. Detective Monica Street is determined to end the killer's reign on the community and needs help. Enter sexy FBI Agent Jared Keller, who has the looks and ability Monica is looking for. And what's the best way to catch this killer? Draw him out by playing in the world of domination and submission. Only alpha-male Jared gets more than he bargains for as he is engulfed by Mistress Monica, whippings, and the trappings of a psychotic serial killer.

Testing Passion: Janet O'Neal enjoys her part-time job with Pandora's Box. She sets her own schedule, it's never boring, and at times, very exhilarating. Yes, being a sex toy tester can be stimulating. But when her boyfriend dumps her, Janet hates the limitations that is forced upon the way she performs her job. Damien Richards seeks out his best tester. With a deadline looming, there is no one he trusts more than Janet and her studious testing skills. Of course, he has another motive when he knocks on Janet's dorr asking for her help. Being the owner of Pandora's Box, he's frightened that he's losing his best employee, the woman who has him intrigued and fascinated by the passion filling her reports. Can Damien talk Janet into spending a weekend with him working, testing passion, along with the toys? Will Janet welcome the stranger into her most secret fantasies?

Excerpt: (some never before scenes--editor's choice--Shhhh!!)

Testing Passion:

“You should write a book.” Janet broke the stillness several moments later.

“Really? About what?” He nibbled on the area connecting her neck and shoulder.

“Fifty ways to bring pleasure using a butt plug.”

Damien chuckled. “That was only two ways. I don’t think I’m that creative.”

Janet turned in his arms. “Remember how I said that I test a toy more than once?”

His left eyebrow rose. “Yeah.”

Her lips curved into a smile, the tilt spoke of mischief. “I’m sure we can find enough ways to fill a book.”

He rolled onto his back, right arm flung over his eyes. “You are really going to be the death of me.”

Journey to the Dark Side:

“I love your outfit,” he murmured against her skin.

Monica smiled. She knew the corset had turned him on the night before. And had hoped to do the same tonight. She’d worn what the catalogue had termed a military jacket made of latex. The low dipping neckline revealed her enhanced breasts, thanks to the black push-up bra she wore beneath. The four white chrome buttons closed the jacket just beneath her breasts then opened to reveal her belly button…which was pierced tonight with a diamond. She liked how the delicate ruffles at the shoulders and contrasting white trim kept the design feminine. The black latex mini skirt that hung low on her hips matched the top perfectly. To finish off the outfit, she wore thigh high stockings held up with a black garter belt and wore three-inch pumps made of black patten leather.

“I like yours better,” she sighed, her hands parting his leather jacket to touch his bare chest. He’d seemed happier with the leather pants than the shorts. The boots he’d worn the night before matched also. He didn’t mind the lace up gauntlets for his wrists, however those sinful lips tugged to his sexy scowl when she pulled out the chrome collar complete with a large D-ring in front and chrome chain leash. It took her a few minutes of seductive convincing, but he allowed her to lock it into place.

“You’ll look better out of it.” Jared pushed a breast free of the top and sucked the puckered nipple into his mouth.

Monica’s long manicured nails raked his chest making him hiss and release her. “I may be adventurous, but I think what I’d like to do calls for more privacy.”

Jared took the cue and grabbed her hand before pulling her down the hall to their room, unmindful that her breast was still out for all to see. Not that there were anyone in the hall. Monica laughed as excitement swept through her. It had been a long time since a man caused her heart to pound so hard and want so badly.

As soon as he pulled her into their room, the nearest wall came back into play but with a twist, as only her chest pressed to it so her backside was free for his fondling. After several hours of being submissive, the alpha-male beast was making itself known. Monica didn’t mind. She actually liked it. In her mind, it was fair play. A tit for tat situation.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Giving Chase by Jamie Hill

Ms. Jamie takes us to Seattle to taste what life is really like there. No tourist traps here! We're talking delving into the birth of grunge and holding on tight in this fast moving affair. So hold on readers, it's going to be a bumpy ride.


Giving Chase
by Jamie Hill

Publisher: Phaze
ISBN (978-1-59426-819-9)
Genre: Contemporary, M/M
Price: $3

Newly transplanted Seattle resident Martin Benson is on a sight-seeing tour of museums and the Space Needle when he meets handsome, heavily tattooed Chase Reed. They hit it off, and Chase offers to show Marty his Seattle: grunge rock and good times.

The men are total opposites, with only one thing in common -- an intense attraction to each other, which culminates in a weekend of white hot passion. Desperate to hang on to the new relationship, Martin attempts to change wild and crazy Chase into someone more responsible. Will he be able to give Chase the space he needs, and somehow strike a balance?


Six hundred and five feet in the air, the flying saucer sat atop massive steel beam legs. Martin Benson stared up at the structure with awe. The outline had been a recognizable part of the Seattle skyline for the past forty-five years, but he'd never seen the Space Needle up close. It was an amazing sight.

People said the view from the top was even more incredible, but he didn't intend to find out. The twenty dollar price tag didn't put him off, though that would buy him a week's worth of lunches. The internal elevator took only forty-three seconds from bottom to top, so time wasn't a factor. The problem was his lifelong, irrational fear of heights. He broke into a cold sweat just thinking about ascending the tower. He'd been in town for three months, and had never actually visited the popular tourist attraction.

Every weekend when he spoke with his mother in St. Louis, she asked what he did for fun. There hadn't been much to tell, and he felt a little guilty about it. She'd been so excited when he graduated college and took a job on the west coast. His family wanted to hear about the city, not the view from his desk and computer screen.

It was a beautiful, sunny Saturday, so he decided to take advantage and see some sights. Summer would soon be over, and while it didn't get as cold in Washington as it did Missouri, he heard it could be incredibly wet and nasty at times.

There was a lot to see, more ground than he could cover in a day. The Seattle Art Museum, with its outdoor branch on the banks of Puget Sound, interested him. It would probably require a day all on its own, so he left it on his list of things to do.

Something drew him to Seattle Center, the large festive area around the Space Needle. There was plenty to do there, all within walking distance. There were dozens of souvenir shops in the courtyard, and he browsed through several. A lot of their stuff was on the junky side. Cheap t-shirts, key chains, and shot glasses seemed the normal fare. He knew his mother and sister would like anything he got, but hoped to find something decent.

The last shop he passed had some t-shirts displayed that seemed nicer than the others. He window-shopped for a moment, then went inside. The shirts were a better quality than he'd seen before, and reasonably priced. A pink one with the Space Needle logo looked perfect for his sister. He found a lavender shirt with Seattle embroidered across the front, and smiled. It looked exactly like something his mother would wear.

Scooping up the two shirts, he headed toward the dark-haired man standing behind the cash register. Just as he got there, the phone on the counter rang. The clerk smiled at him apologetically. "Hang on one second?"

"Sure, go ahead." He nodded, watching the man take the call.

"Broad Street Gifts. Yep. Oh, hey." He turned his back to continue the conversation.

A flash of irritation struck Martin, but as he noticed several very large tattoos on the man, irritation turned to intrigue. A tight black tank top didn't hide much; it was hard not to stare. He couldn't quite make out the design, but the ink spread from the man's upper back across both shoulders, and ended at his biceps.

The muscles alone were stare-worthy. The guy definitely had the physique to wear the tank—the really tight tank. Martin looked away, self-conscious, then slowly back again. The clerk was still on the phone, oblivious to him, so what could it hurt to ogle a little? He was in the middle of a long, dry spell.

Dating in a new town was always tough, but even trickier for a gay man. Office romances were out of the question. He'd done some nosing around and discovered a couple of gay bars, but both were sleazy as hell. They were the kind of places where men met in the bathroom for quick hook-ups. He wasn't interested in that at all.

"Thanks for calling." The clerk hung up, then smiled at him again. "I'm really sorry about that. Hope you weren't in a hurry."

"Not at all." He forced himself to speak coherently. The man was even better looking from the front. His thick, shaggy black hair framed his face, hitting just above his collar. When he brushed the bangs from his eyes, Martin noticed a silver bar pierced through the guy's right eyebrow. "Wow. Did that hurt?"


"The eyebrow thing."

He touched the bar absently. "Shit, I forget about it. Nah, it didn’t hurt. Not as much as this one." He stuck out his tongue, where a round silver stud shone from the center.

"Jesus!" Martin muttered.

The other man laughed. "I'm not afraid of a little pain."

"Apparently not!" His eyes darted to one bicep, where from the front he could make out a hunter with a bow and arrow.

"I love tattoos." The guy grinned. "I have eleven. Some in places that might surprise you."Martin felt his face flush. "Eleven, wow. I'm impressed."

"That's why I do it, to impress the guys." He chuckled.

Martin tried to read the meaning behind the comment, but couldn't tell if it'd been sarcastic or not. This guy was gorgeous—a little out there, sure, if he really did have eleven tattoos. But his eyes were dark brown saucers, deep and soulful looking. There was a cleft in his chin. Martin didn't know exactly why, but it was the sexiest thing he'd ever seen. He was sure most women thought the same. This fellow could have anyone he wanted, no doubt about that.

"You ready to check out?" The clerk glanced at the t-shirts.

"Oh, yeah." Martin laid them on the counter. "You have nice stuff in here. Some of those other places were pretty cheap-looking."

"Thanks." He folded each shirt, ringing the prices into his register. "That'll be thirty-two fifty."

Martin handed over his credit card, and the man completed the sale.

"Sign please, and here's your receipt. Thank you."

"Yeah, thanks." He took his card, reinserting it into his wallet. Reaching for the bag, he hesitated, not in a hurry to leave.

Seeming to sense it, the man asked, "Where you visiting from?"

"I, uh, live here now. I'm from St. Louis."

"No kidding? What brought you all the way out here?"

"I got a computer job here after college."

"Ah, Silicon Valley. They suck a lot of people into their web—I mean—they hire lots of folks."

Martin smiled. "They pay pretty well, though the cost of living is higher out here. I can't believe the price of soda pop."

"I can't believe you called it soda pop." He rolled his eyes, grinning.

"Sorry. You can take the boy out of the Midwest…"

"Yeah, yeah, I hear ya. So what are you doing in the tourist district, if you live here now?"

"I've never done any sight-seeing stuff, and I figured it was about time. Decided I'd make a day of it. I went to the Science Fiction Museum—"

Nodding, the man asked, "Go up in the Needle?"

"Not yet. I was going to go 'Ride the Ducks'." The World War II amphibious vehicles were huge, and painted yellow. It was a little cheesy, but supposedly a pretty good tour of the area.

He made a face. "That's lame, man. Unless you're ready to say 'quack, quack' all through town."

Martin's face drooped. "They make you say 'quack quack'?"

"Or pay two bucks for a quacker. They're big on group interaction, kind of a kiddie thing. If I were you, I'd skip the ducks. What else do you have planned?"

"Well, there's Pike's Place Market, and I haven't been to the art museum yet."

The man made a motion like he was strangling himself. "You've got to be kidding! Who are you with, your eighty-year-old grandma?"

"I'm alone." He shrugged.

"If you want to get a feel for the real Seattle, you need to take in some clubs, hear some bands. You know we're the home of grunge rock music, don’t you?"

"I thought grunge rock was dead."

"Are you crazy? Pearl Jam released a new album not too long ago, and Nirvana will never go out of style."

"Nirvana? I know Kurt Cobain's dead."

"Cobain's like the Beatles, man. Dead or alive, the music lives on. Those are just some mainstream names. We've had some great local talent here, too. Alice in Chains, Green River…classics."

Martin smiled. "So grunge isn’t dead, Seattle's just hiding it from the rest of the world."

"You got it. I could take you places you wouldn't believe."

No truer words were probably ever spoken. He glanced at the man wistfully. It was crazy thinking about going out with a perfect stranger. And going out where? Seattle was a big city, he wasn't used to the same things this guy obviously was. He could find himself in a bad situation.

The man eyed him, seeming to get that he was wrestling with himself. "Tell you what. I'll give you an address. If you feel like listening to some music, be there about nine o'clock. I'll leave your name at the door; you won't even have to pay to get in. It'll be fun, I guarantee it. My friends are great."

"Maybe." It sounded simple enough, perhaps he could consider it.

Picking up a business card from the stack on the counter, the clerk wrote a name and address on the back. He handed the card over. "Here's the address. Easiest thing to do is take a cab. There's my name. Ask the bouncer for me."

He glanced at the card. "Chase Reed." Then he looked up. "That's you?"

"That's me. How about you? What name should I leave at the door?"

"Martin Benson." He shuffled his feet nervously.

"Okay. So, whaddaya say, Marty? Think you'll be there?"

"Nobody calls me Marty."

Chase grinned. "Nine o'clock?"

Until that moment, he hadn't been sure about going. The whole idea made him nervous. For some reason, Chase's smile reassured him. "Yeah, nine o'clock."

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Blood Noir by Laurell K. Hamilton

Yes, I know, I've been really bad about not posting. Life has been CRAZY! And honestly, this blog was put on the back-burner. But now that school is out and summer is here, I'm going to try to do much better with my posting - as summer time I get most reading done ;).

Okay, are there any Anita Blake fans out there?? Well, LKH has just released the sixteenth book in the series! It took me three days to read it (only because of all the stuff going on in my life). It was really hard to put down.

I was apprehensive when I bought it. I enjoyed the books in the beginning, but being an erotic romance writer, I'm a huge fan of her great sex scenes. Her last book had what? A total of two, maybe three scenes in the entire book? I know she gets grief from those who say that she's been putting too much sex in her books now, and then grief from those like me when she doesn't put enough *lol* I've found that you can't please EVERYONE!!!

Anyway, as I was saying. When I started reading I almost groaned thinking that this was another Micah book. She goes away with Jason (oh, baby. He and Richard are tied to be my favs) and has sex, sex, sex. Just a filler to have a book out to calm any complaints from fans.

Gladly, it didn't turn out that way. Yes, Anita goes out of town with just Jason. Yes, they have sex. :D Yes, they have some very in depth conversations and realizations (My baby boy is really growing up). BUT...there's lots of other things going on. Some paranormal happenings (Mommy Noir and some were-tigers) and yet others were completely human related.

Overall, I really enjoyed the book. My lovely Richard even "came to the rescue" though in the end, he and Anita still end up arguing a lot and deepening that love/hate relationship. *sigh* I'd love to shake some sense into that man, then chain him to a bed, then...oh, wait. I'll be good *evil laugh*

I've seen both good and bad things on the web about this book. Again, you can't please everyone. I liked it and thought my money was well spent. That's all that matters to me. You'll have to form your own opinion.

Oh, this sounded like a review, didn't it? Oops. *lol* I would recommend this book.
Book can be found at most major book stores and


Read Chapter One