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Breaking the Rules by Sage Burnett

Another man in uniform here! But can he keep his cool when this vivacious woman manages to break not only a few laws but also past this deputy's surly demeanor?

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Breaking the Rules
by Sage Burnett

Publisher: Phaze
ISBN 1-59426-463-5
Genre: Erotica/Romance
Length: Heatsheet

Price: $2

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What happens when Montana law enforcement officer, Deputy David Burton, a stickler for following the rules, runs head first into Holly Ames, a provocative redhead that has a tendency to bend the rules? The redhead not only infuriates him because of her nonchalant attitude about breaking the law, she also makes his blood run hot with lust and carnal desire.

Holly Ames isn't a criminal, she's merely a free spirit. The hunky, go by the book deputy ignites erotic yearnings burning deep inside of her. Holly knows she can't keep disregarding the law to see the studly deputy again, so she comes up with a plan. Will Holly's seductive scheme entice the sexy cop into her bed?


Back molars ground together for the third time since stopping her. "Ms. Ames," he repeated.

"I'm going to issue you a written warning this time." He'd buckled and damned if it didn't piss him off. "Next time, I'll issue you a citation."

Another bright smile lit up her face. If she didn't stop smiling at him, he'd damn well issue her a ticket for harassing an officer of the law. For the first time he noticed a small dimple in her left cheek. Just one, not two, which made the one dimple all the more sexier.

Straightening to his full height, he flipped open the ticket pad and proceeded to write out a warning.

"That's so generous of you, Deputy. I wouldn't want to ruin my good driving record."

Without looking at her, he said. "You will if you keep speeding."

"This was a one time thing."

His gaze darted down, noticing the innocent expression on Holly's face. Yeah, right. He had no doubt a woman like Holly Ames always got her way with men. Add another notch to her belt concerning him. If he didn't stop grinding his teeth together so tight, he might ending up cracking them.

David signed the slip and tore it off the pad. Bending down, he held it out. Holly took the paper without a word. Not giving the written warning the attention it deserved, she tossed it on the passenger seat, which added to his teeth grinding problem.

"Thank you, Deputy Burton."

If she smiled at him again, he would demand the warning back and write out a real ticket. Holly seemed to sense his mood because her expression turned serious. "I promise to behave." Several seconds later a twinkle sparked in those green eyes. "Scout's honor."

"No walking on the lake."

Placing her hand on her chest, she looked at him. "Oh...please. I learned my lesson the other day."


Their eyes locked and held like two magnets stuck together. Before he had a full fledged hard-on, David straightened away from the vehicle. She poked her head out the window, cheeks painted a becoming pink.

"Have a great day, Deputy."

Jaw tightening, he said through clenched teeth. "Keep to the limit."

"Yes, sir."


By creating characters who steal your heart and also giving them intriguing storylines, the books by Sage Burnett constantly satisfy her readers. In this story about a strict police officer and a carefree woman, the situations which arise around them are frequently amusing yet sometimes rather frightening. Several of the situations had me chuckling, especially when the unsaid thoughts of the characters are divulged. Though neither David nor Holly let their innermost thoughts be spoken aloud, their actions regularly reveal how they truly feel about the other, sometimes with fiery results. The instance David is met, I was drawn to his take charge attitude which hid the more relaxed side he never wanted disclosed. Holly, on the other hand, seemed to not have a care in the world, but she actually often felt vulnerable. Ms. Burnett certainly knows how to give readers a well-developed story, one full of sincere emotions, combustible sexual tension and heated passions. BREAKING THE RULES combines a heartfelt romance with passionate moments and the perfect humorous situations to create a stirring story.
Written by Amelia Richard of Senual eCataromance

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