Sunday, April 13, 2008

Shoon Joining by Jude Mason

Well Ms. Mason has done it again! Her creative mind has traveled to the future and the far reaches of outer space in this entertaining and too hot to handle story!! The Shoon are a peaceful race out to share their knowledge with as many open-minded beings as possible. Too bad the Federation sees themselves as superior to all and are out to concur any who get in their way.

You'll want to join this peace 'lovin' race once you treat yourself to a lil alien lovin!


Shoon Joining
by Jude Mason

Publisher: Phaze
ISBN 978-1-59426-868-7
Genre: Sci-Fi
Price: $3

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Coerced into negotiating with the alien race, the Shoon, Earthman Ambassador Trevor Sloan finds himself tossed into a scenario never before faced. Imprisoned by a corrupt bureaucracy, then rescued by his lover, they fight together, along with the Shoon, to end the ills of humanity .


Trevor eased forward, his cock slowly sinking deeper into the soft, wet folds of Amanda's cunt. Growling, he clenched his ass, straining to control the speed and depth of his thrust. "Hold still, babe," he whispered, arching his back. Sweat trickled off him and onto the lush curves of the woman beneath him. Her thighs tightened around his waist, but thankfully didn't pull him in.

Amanda, her dark eyes gazing up into his, smiled and clenched her inner muscles, as if tempting him to let go. Encouraging him to lose control and plunder her, like he would some outlander whore. He balanced on his knees and one hand; the other went to her breasts, the nipples like beacons, calling for attention. He tweaked the puckered nub closest, dragging a moan of pleasure from her, then shifted to the other where he administered the same teasing pinch. Softly at first, but wanting more reaction from her, he tightened his fingers and thumb until her moan grew to just the right pitch.

"Damn you, Trevor Sloan," she snarled in that sweet sexy voice he'd learned to love, "fuck me. Hard. Now!"

Chuckling, he slammed himself in deep, and had to bite his lip to keep from shooting. He kept still, one hand on her breast, the fingers digging into the soft mound, the other beside her shoulder on the bed. The orgasm he fought to hold off lunged nearer. His balls tensed, moved higher in their sac readying to loose a stream of come that he'd too long held at bay.

"What's this?" he asked in a voice much calmer than he'd dared hope for. "Trying to give the Ambassador orders, are you?"

"Bastard!" she groaned. Digging her fingers into his hips, she tried to guide him. Urged him to pull out, then slam back into her clutching pussy.

Trevor relented and eased out of her, then thrust back in. His body trembled, the lust mounting ever higher.

"Ambassador Sloan," the voice seemed to come from all around him, frantic, commanding, not to be ignored. "Ambassador Sloan, you're needed at the ready room, now! This is no drill. You're needed now!"

Trevor lunged ahead, desperately trying to ignore those words. He needed to come. He was near the moment of being able to deny the animal need. But, again the call came, louder, more insistent. "Ambassador Sloan. Respond please. Respond immediately."

With a roar of frustration, Trevor pulled away from the clutching woman beneath him and rose from the bed.


Extra Bonus:

Something touched his arm, awakening him from his much-needed slumber. TTrevor stretched, and rolled onto his back to look up at AAmanda. Her eyes shone with excitement. Her smile lit up her entire face, and the space around her/them. Naked, she stood at his side, facing him unabashed as she never would have before the Joining. High breasted, slender of waist, and with an abundantly round bottom that made her hips seem slightly too large until you actually got hold of her, his memory of their lovemaking came to the forefront of his mind.

She must have caught some of his thoughts because her smile broadened and she swayed her hips from side to side, as if encouraging him to reach for her.

"They never left," she said, drawing his attention to her face, her lips. She turned, twirled, reveling in the symbiosis.

He felt her emotions, caught most of her thoughts as she was so near. "No, they never left. We never left. We're part of them now, AAmanda. You and I, and the myriad of other races Joined with the Shoon. They shifted out of phase with the rest of the universe. The ship was here waiting all the time."

She paused, as if digesting what he'd said before adding, "Yes, I understand. But…"

He sat up, his hands going out to her. Stroking her outer thighs, he pulled her closer and rested his forehead on her hip. The soft tendrils on his face mixed and mingled with those on her leg, causing him to quiver. "But," finally he urged and leaned forward to kiss her thigh.

She looked down at him, and with a wistful sigh, stroked his head. "But." She eased her leg forward, moved her foot so it pressed against his leg. "They didn't have to ask for a meeting. They're…" She stopped, thought a moment then went on, "We, the Shoon, are immensely more powerful than the Federation."

"Yes, but, power isn't the answer, is it?" He shifted onto his knees and wrapped his arms around her hips, drawing her closer. He buried his face into her silken pubes. The scent of woman surrounded him, enveloped him, and he inhaled deeply trying to get every last ounce of her essence. Dampness touched his nose when he burrowed deeper. Tilting his head back, he ran his tongue along her inner thigh until he encountered her curly locks, and puffy folds of her cunt. The sensation was amazing. Not only his own, but he got a second blast from AAmanda when he sent his mind out to her. She clenched on the tip of his tongue when it slipped inside, and he felt lightheaded with lust. His cock ached with that dull need he'd thought only happened when he was denied release for weeks. He climaxed just a short time ago, yet he felt as if he was about to explode any second.

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