Sunday, January 6, 2008

Summer of Fire by Nicole Gestalt

Looking to heat up these winter months or just searching for something to heat up your screen? This pyro-thriller is for you! New lust that leads to love shows that one's past can make way for a Hawt future, even while trying to find a firebug.
Ms. Nicole's Summer of Fire is her first with Phaze and its just a spark to the fire that is her future in writing! I can't wait to be apart of it.


Summer of Fire by Nicole Gestalt

Publisher: Phaze
ISBN 1-59426-477-5

The Summer of Fire, as the media calls it, brings steamy weather and the threat of an arsonist. Officer Helen is charged with ending the madness, yet her passion for a widowed firefighter continues to flame.


"Let me guess, another arson?" Helen looked at the building still burning furiously in front of her. Sweat threatened to drip down from her hat line. Her shirt was already drenched, and she was thankful her uniform covered it up somewhat. However, the heat Helen was feeling wasn't just from the fire, it was also due to the large, muscular fireman standing in front of her.

"…has the traits of it, but it's too early to tell." His voice washed over her, and she felt like she was falling into a warm bath of melted chocolate. Aware he was saying something else she smiled up at him and tried to concentrate on the words rather than his body. It didn't take her long to realise she wasn't going to be able to concentrate at all, even with him in his full fire-fighting gear his muscles bulged, filling out his uniform.

An explosion ripped through the building and Helen suddenly found herself flat on the floor with the fire-fighter of her dreams on top of her. Looking deep into his cool blue eyes she felt hotter then she could ever remember being. His lips were so close to hers, she had but to lift her head up and they would meet. Just as she contemplated actually moving to kiss him, he moved. Disappointment filled her thoughts instead of how his weight was pressing down on her in such a satisfying way.

He offered his hand to her and she accepted it, allowing herself to lean back slightly to enjoy his touch. Holding it, she felt the presence of a wedding ring. She tried not to look disappointed, but she had never been very successful at hiding her feelings from people.

"Are you okay?" Concern seemed to fill his eyes. Helen shook her head, unsure if she was seeing things. She straightened out her uniform and dusted herself off.

"Yes, I am, thank you." She smiled, and for the first time in a while became aware of the manic bustle that was going on all around them.

"Look I must go, the fire is obviously hitting the storage containers. That would explain the sudden blast… Perhaps it would be safer if you moved further back." He squeezed her shoulder in a friendly manner, then turned and walked towards the other fire-fighters. Helen tried to keep an eye on him, but he was soon lost in the smoke. She found herself walking towards an ambulance, where a couple of medics were tending to the new rash of cuts and bruises the explosion had just caused. As they were making sure she was all right a call came over on her radio ordering her back to the station. She thanked the medic, and reluctantly made her way over to her squad car, safe in the knowledge that despite hating it there was a pile of paperwork waiting for her in the office.


Mark walked over to the bench in the middle of the changing room. He hadn’t bothered placing his clothes in a locker, as he was the only one using the equipment. Drying the sweat from his workout off himself, he heard the shower sputter to life. He looked across to the shower room Helen was in and felt a yearning for her. He hadn’t needed a woman this much since Jenna. Normally he was well controlled but there was just something about Helen that lit a fire in him. It took him a few seconds before he realised the door was slightly ajar and he could actually see her. Holding his breath he watched as delicate hands began to undo the uniform blouse.

Her nimble fingers made quick work of each button and in no time at all the blouse was sliding off her shoulders and dropping to the floor. Mark sat amazed as he watched Helen run her hands over her body; fingers lingering over her breasts before moving behind and unhooking her bra. He gasped as her pert breasts, no more than a handful each, came free from the bra. He was just able to see her small but prominent nipples, and he could almost feel his tongue wrapping itself around them. A moan escaped from him as she squeezed each breast in turn before slipping a finger seductively into the waistband of her skirt.

She seemed to be almost putting on a show, shaking her head her now loose long, brown hair cascaded down her back, the light catching the copper highlights. Mark realised that unconsciously he had taken hold of his now rock-hard manhood and was slowly stroking it, he wanted this woman, and he needed her. He became filled with guilt, realising he was spying on her. Standing up, he walked over to the door as quietly as he could. As he moved closer she slipped off her skirt and stood with only sheer hold-up stockings and white knickers covering her alluring body. Taking hold of the door handle, he had just started to close the door when her voice cut through the silence.

You can come in if you like, or you can stay outside and watch the rest of the show…it’s up to you.

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