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Contract Bride by Ayn Amorelli

Contract Bride
by Ayn Amorelli

Publisher: Black Velvet Seduction
ISBN 0-9774682-6-7
Genre: Spicy contemporary romance

E-book - $5.99
Paperback - $13.99

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Bob was desperate.
He had a once in a lifetime chance to become a millionaire. But in order to get his hands on the 20 million bucks left to him by his late aunt he had to get married and father a child within ten months.
Kayla was equally desperate. Let go when her boss was fired Kayla was unemployed and living beyond her means. She was about to be kicked out of her apartment and about to have her car repossessed. Desperate to hang onto her apartment she took a job at Bob's friend's topless maid service. But when Bob offered her the chance to make two million dollars by signing his contract, becoming his wife and having his child she jumped at the chance.

Excerpt from Chapter 1:

Chapter One

"What type of girl are you looking for, Old Buddy?" asked George, neatly stacking numerous invoices of his topless maid agency at his large gray metal desk. "Maybe I can help."

"You're going to think I'm nuts," Bob murmured, crossing his legs Indian style as he took a sip of tepid coffee from his paper cup. Hell, maybe he was crazy. But he was also desperate.

Spreading the twenty color photographs of nude blondes, brunettes, and redheads on the floor around him, Bob adjusted his wire-rim glasses as he studied them. All the girls were seductively posed, standing with one shapely hip jutting out and one knee slightly bent. They ranged in age from the mid-twenties to the mid-thirties, and all were pretty and sexy with big, firm, thrusting breasts, shiny nipples, small waists and slender hips. Hell, he got hard just looking at them. If he could afford it, he would try every one. But not only didn't he have the cash, he was short on time.

He'd been wracking his brain ever since his late aunt's lawyers had called him a week ago. He'd finally devised a plan that just, as insane as it was, might work.

"So? That's never stopped you before. I know whatever it is, is damn important for you to get out this early on a Saturday. So spill it. What gives?"

"You've got to keep what I tell you confidential."

"Oh, shit!" moaned George, stiffening. "I hate cloak and dagger stuff. I'm sorry I asked now."

"Too late. I've got to tell someone."

"Damn!" muttered George.

"But you've got to—"

"I know. I've got to keep it confidential. So what is it? You in trouble with the Feds…or is it drugs? Is that it?"

"Nothing as exotic as that," Bob whispered, glancing around suspiciously. "But it wouldn't do for what I'm about to tell you to get out. If the wrong people heard about it, they might misunderstand."

"Hold it! Can I go to jail if I know what it is you're up to?" George asked, pushing aside the pile of invoices as he studied his old friend.

"To be honest, I'm not sure. I don't think so, but then I'm not a lawyer and I haven't got time for you to consult one. I've got a little legal matter that has to be settled by the end of the year. But in order to do that I need to get started implementing my plan right away."

"How little?"

"How little what?"

George ground his teeth. "How little is the legal matter? Are we talking about you'll go to prison if you're wrong, legal matter, or jail-time legal matter?"

"Neither. I'm....oh, shit!" grumbled Bob, taking a swig of his stale coffee, stalling for time, trying to figure out how to best tell his friend without sounding insane. "What I need is a woman who's sexy and attractive enough for me to screw as much as necessary to knock her up right away. She has to deliver by the end of the year. But she can't be cheap-looking. She has to look and act enough like a lady to be my wife and the mother of my child. She has to be able to pass the inspection of some old geezer legal types."

George looked blankly at him. "You're pulling my leg, right?" He laughed loudly, shaking his head. "Got to hand it to you though. You had me going there for a while. I thought for sure you were serious."

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