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Suni's Gift by Anne Rainey

Working with Anne was a delight! She was ready and roarin' to go as soon as we were assigned to each other. She's written a Terrific story about a loving husband wanting to make his wife's wildest fantasy come true. Who could ask for a more perfect holiday gift!

But also, Anne did some really fabulous research into Ross's job as a firefighter. She lets you see and feel the tragedy these people have to work with everyday but most especially when something awful like this happens over a holiday. Ross wants to show Suni how much he loves and appreciates all that she does for him by putting aside his possessiveness of his wife for one night is a beautiful gift of love. That's not to say he too gets his own sense of satisfaction out of this experience as well ;) Anne is a Great writer and I see a bright future ahead for her! Make sure to check out her site at


Suni's Gift by Anne Rainey

Publisher: Phaze
Phaze Frost Heatsheet
ISBN: 978-1-59426-797-0

High School English Teacher, Suni Buchanan married the man of her dreams and has a job she loves. As a firefighter, Ross sees his fair share of heartache and performs heroic acts every day. So, why does she fantasize about being with two men? It's wicked and selfish of her to even consider something so scandalous. But then Ross shocks her when he announces that he's read her journal and knows her secret desire. He goes one further when he surprises her with a special present for Christmas. A threesome that includes their mutual friend, Alex Boggs.
But will the passion-filled night change their marriage for better or worse?


He bolted upright in bed, the covers twisted around his feet. After a few seconds of trying to make sense of where he was and how he'd gotten there, Ross remembered Suni putting him to bed. Normal people dreamed odd bits and pieces of their ordinary lives. Ross's dream world consisted of burning bodies and screams of pain and horror. Fictitious victims who died because he was either too slow or too late. It was the same every time he closed his eyes. He wondered if he'd ever have a peaceful night's sleep.
He flung the covers to the side and sat up. It wasn't until his feet hit the floor that he became aware he was on the wrong side of the bed. He'd somehow managed to roll to Suni's side. He rubbed his eyes and dragged his fingers through his hair. Slowly, his senses came alive. He could smell Suni's cooking. The room was dark, so he knew he must have slept the day away again.
As he moved to stand up, a paper crunched beneath his feet. He bent and picked up Suni's journal. He started to lay it on her nightstand when the word 'threesome' popped off the page. Intrigued, he sat back down and read her handwriting.

I know I should be happy. After all, I'm married to the man of my dreams. The high school I'm teaching at now is perfect for me and the kids are great. I've been blessed with a lovely home, and we've even talked about having children of our own. Ross would make a terrific father.
Still, there's just something missing. I want him to know, but I feel so ashamed. I'm afraid he'll think less of me if he knew about my fantasies. Dreams of being sexually dominated by Ross. Of having him and another man at the same time. The very thought of a threesome makes me wet and edgy. But if just writing it down has my face burning in mortification, how could I ever tell Ross? I can't imagine actually forming the words. I know he'd think I've lost my mind.

Ross gulped and nearly swallowed his tongue. How the hell could he not know that his wife was unhappy? There should have been signs, right? Even as he tried to absorb what he'd just learned, images ran through his head like an x-rated movie.

He pictured Suni tied to the bed and him pounding into her. Dominating her like she'd described. Suni on her hands and knees, being fucked by himself and some other faceless man. Both of them driving into her pussy and ass. She wanted this? His sweet, mild wife, wanted a threesome? Jesus, just thinking about it had him hard as iron. And pissed. How could she even think of another man? Then a little voice mocked him for a hypocrite, because he'd sure as hell thought of her and another woman. Why should it be any different for her?
How could he fulfill her fantasy without her knowing he'd read her journal? The last thing he wanted was for her to feel ashamed or embarrassed. Then it hit him. He'd make it his idea. His Christmas gift to her. He'd just finished his shift, and he had forty-eight hours to prove to his wife that he could be everything she wanted. He mentally shoved his possessive side into a box and locked it tight, then ran through a list of men. Men who would be willing to join in a threesome, but not take it beyond a single night. One night of pleasure in the privacy of their home. Whomever he chose, the man would have to be trustworthy. A decent guy. Single. The only man that fit that description was his buddy Alex Boggs. Alex was single. He was a good firefighter. Would he go for it or laugh in his face? What the hell was he saying, of course Alex would go for it. Christ, Suni was sexy as hell. But, could he handle seeing another man penetrate her? It made him tense up just thinking about it. But it also made his dick hard.
One night. No more. He could grant her this wish and she'd have it out of her system.
He placed the journal on her nightstand and went to the bathroom. Adrenaline fired his nerves as he rushed through his shower. He had plans to make. It was crazy, but for the first time in months, Ross felt truly alive. He couldn't wait to put his thoughts into action. His gentle little wife was about to be taught a lesson. Between a husband and wife, nothing should ever be taboo.
I'd say someone is in for a special surprise ;)

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