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Come and Get Me by Alyssa Brooks

Surprised be a marriage proposal from her boyfriend of six months - with her parents looking on no less - Sadie feels like she can't say no. But when sexually explicit nightmares and panic attacks start as she's lovingly guilt tripped into the wedding of their parents' dreams, she can't resist the urge to run and gets caught in the act.

Dylan can't believe Sadie's acting so irresponsibly with this game of come and get me, but he won't lose their future or her love over it. When he finally sees the challenge for what it is - a test of their love for them both - Dylan turns the tables on Sadie and the leader becomes pursuer. With the both of them winning some sexy sweet to OhMiGod moments as they race around the world's most exotic locations.

Too Hot To Handle does not do this story justice! The afterglow and sweet smile on your face when you've read the end leaves you fulfilled and wanting to celebrate this loving couple's first anniversary with them. This white-hot author leaves you with the impression of the rules and the locations of "The Game" are about to be rocked again!
I hope we get to see Come and Get Me Again!!


Come and Get Me

Berkley Heat
ISBN: 0425215946
Genre: Contemporary
Release date: June 2007
Length: Novel

Available at and Barnes&Noble

Sexual freedom ... exotic destinations ...

Who ever said you can't have a honeymoon before and after your wedding?

The thought of her impending marriage is giving Sadie panic attacks. Hives. Nightmares. She loves her fiancé, Dylan, but the concept of happily ever after is suffocating her. She isn't ready to face the future, and worse, the sex could be better.

Panicking, she packs her bags in the middle of the night, and dares her sexually repressed lover to come and get her.

Dylan will be damned if he’s going to lose Sadie so easily. Leaving behind his inhibitions, he pursues her, a sexually hungry and desperate man prepared to do anything to seduce his woman, once and for all.

And so the game begins ...


Shit. What did Dylan think he was doing?

Sadie paused, her hand in mid-air. The dinner fork shook and the shrimp dangled from the utensil, ready to fall off. Her breath hitched as a bead of sweat threatened to roll from her forehead and ruin her perfect makeup.

She stared at the shrimp. What now?

Did she eat it? Drop it? Throw it across the fancy restaurant?

If her eyes grew any wider, they'd pop right out of her head and fall on her plate. What the hell was Dylan thinking?

He had dropped to one knee and now rested his hand on her thigh, entreating her full attention.

How she wanted to play dumb, to focus on her shrimp, anything besides Dylan.

Reaching in the breast pocket of his sport jacket, he revealed a small, black velvet box.

Oh. No.

Not here. Not now. Not in front of her parents.

Good grief! They'd barely been dating six months. It was too soon! Way too soon.

Hell, she'd just told him she loved him last month.

She wasn't ready for marriage!

Her gaze darted to her mother and father. Their tan, sun-wrinkled, ever-so-pleased gazes beamed at her. Of course they were happy. They'd been angling for a grandchild for two years now. Every guy she dated was a potential baby maker.

Sadie chalked it up to post maternal and paternal longing. The past fifteen years, they'd been so busy enjoying their millions from the Kansas state lottery, they hadn't the time for raising her.

Now, the money had become boring. Their focus had shifted to wanting a grandkid to spoil.

She'd never wished for a sister more.

God, of all the luck. Why did Dylan have to do this in front of them? He should know better. She had dinner with her parents once a week, and for the past two months, he'd escorted her to their restaurant of choice. By now, he was quite aware of the sticky situation she was in. The wily fox.

Dylan gave her a weak, lopsided smile that punctuated his damn adorable dimples. His dark, almost black eyes shone with love. Opening the box, he revealed a dazzling, downright huge, pink diamond. At least two carats.

"Marry me, Sadie?" he asked in a smooth, velvet voice, sounding sure of her answer.

A shiver coursed along her spine. In her mind, she imagined her backbone turning to Jello.

Dylan had never looked sexier. Bent on one knee in front of her, his hopeful eyes and seductive smile turned her into instant lovey-dovey mush. The no she wanted to scream lodged in her throat.

She couldn't do it. She couldn't turn him down.

Her gaze swept his length, wanting him, loving him, needing to say yes. But how could she? It was too soon!

She didn't know what to tell him. To do. Her heart and mind played a fierce game of tug-of-war.

He cleared his throat. His brows furrowed. His forehead creased. Worry etched the lines of his strongly-defined face, demanding some sort of answer.

She had to take some sort of action. Quick.

Bringing the shrimp to her mouth, she bit into the spicy meat. Again, Dylan cleared his throat.

She chewed quickly, cursing herself a hundred times. What a dumb move!

Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Who would take a bite of food in the middle of a proposal? Only her. Now she had to finish eating the damn piece of seafood, all eyes on her.

Waiting. Hoping. Demanding.

She loved Dylan. She did. After all, she wouldn't have told him so if she hadn't meant it. He was everything she'd ever dreamt of in a husband. She wanted to become his wife.

But one day, in the future. Not now.

She didn't make a lot of plans in her life. Everything was pretty much easy come, easy go. But there was one thing Sadie had promised herself years ago. She would not marry before thirty.

While she wanted to settle down and have a family, she wanted to be ready.

Was she ready?

Her parents sure were.

"Sadie?" Dylan questioned, shifting with nervousness. "Will you marry me?"

"He's been waiting five minutes, sugar," her father pushed. "Give the boy a dang answer already."

"Yes." The response sputtered from her before she could stop herself. "But, I want a long engagement."

The moment she blurted the ill-thought words, she wanted to kick herself in the ass. Not the most romantic thing to say the moment after accepting a man's proposal.

Why did she keep sticking things in her mouth? First the shrimp, now her foot. What next?

"Of course." Dylan nodded stiffly, wriggling the band on. "As long as you want."

The diamond ring fit so tightly, Dylan had to work it into place. The whole time he twisted it down her finger, Sadie made reassuring promises to herself.

She loved him.

She needed him.

She loved him.

She could get married and give up her freedom at twenty-seven, instead of waiting until thirty, because she loved him.


"Come & Get Me by Alyssa Brooks is an erotic screwball comedy with heart. I laughed, I cried, I cheered, and I couldn't turn the pages fast enough to find out what happened next in Dylan and Sadie's madcap voyage of healing both engagement and themselves. Look out, world: Alyssa Brooks is on her way up!" - Diane Whiteside,

4/5 Stars! "Ms. Brooks has penned some fascinating sex scenes that will leave you breathless, sweating and panting. The swoon worthy stuff is what I want when I pick up erotic romances to savor and the author delivers in spades, never stopping even for a minute." Mahaira Fatima, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

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